Refactor the World! – Benjamin Fillipi – 9:30

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Issue: It is often difficult to open and seal cereal bags. The bags within cereal boxes are sometimes difficult to open – tearing, splitting, refusing to open at all by hand. Then it is difficult to fold the bag up such that the cereal stays fresh. In a typical household, a box may take more than a week to be used up, and the unsealed bag often lets the cereal go stale.

Solution: Typical to a variety of other packages, create a bag that looks like a big rectangular Ziploc bag. It would have the top end of the bag sealed, but with perforations that make it easy to tear off the top edge. Then you can use the Ziploc portion to easily seal the bag and prevent stale cereal. People with arthritis  and even children will find this easier to use. This idea could be expanded to other bagged food that is often not immediately used up, such as crackers and chips which would make it possible to preserve them for longer with out tons of preservatives.
Here’s an example of what this could look like.
I used a gallon size zip lock bag and switched the contents.

Analysis: The only real reason i could think of that this isn’t done already is that it isn’t cost effective.

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