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Hi guys, I am Rakan Alyami.I am 26 years old. I have  been in the states for three years. I studied at Emporia State for three years. I am in my first semester here in Wsu, and my major is Industrial Engineering. I like to spend my free time playing soccer, swmming and being outdoors. I was born in Saudi Arabia.  Najran is the city  where I was born and raised. I have four sisters and four brothers. We are very close. We enjoy spending time as a family . My father traveled for work and my mother took care of my family.  We visit other relatives often, that live in other regions near us. My goals here  in america are to recieve a degree in industrial engineering, and to learn more about the american culture and how it differs from saudi arabia and to master the english language. I am wanting to take my degree back home to better my future and my families. I am excited to show my family and friends what I have learned here , and to teach them some of the many things I have learned.




December 12th, 2013 21:38

Where are your project links?

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