Never Alone – 0930
SLaP! Gold Group Name: Never Alone 
Class Time: 0930 
Team Members:

The Cloudy Past and The Bright New Future

Ideally every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the awesomeness of the playground swing. This experience should not be taken away by the lack of friends to push them around or the the lack of attention from parents and definitely not by the fact of having small legs. The truth is that  many children have little- if any- memories of playing on the swing and many of those memories are sad because of the difficulties that was preventing the child from being able to swing. But no need to worry anymore! The Never Alone team is here and we have brought you the Automatic Playground Swing Set! It is a regular swing but built  for those children that do not have any friends or attentive parent. The swing has a motor with a button that can push the child at a safe speed and ensure the child enjoyment. Say goodbye to those horrible swing memories and hello to your new favorite friend: The Automatic Swing Set!

Specifications and constraints

          Specification         Planned   Actual
   Size – Length           6″- 12″      10″ 
      Size – Width              4″- 6″                3″
  Weight    6 lbs w/o person
  Cost            < $10                $0
  Power  3 volts battery   2 AA battery
  Safety  Safety Belt      Safety Belt
Materials- Platform Wood/Styrofoam             Wood
Materials  2 Motors           1 Motor
Materials  Wires   Wires
Materials Strings    Pipe Cleaners
Materials Little People   Play-doh! People
 Materials-Seat Belt Tape  Wires
 Materials  Seat Craft Foam
Materials         2 Wood Rods 2 Wood Rods
Materials        1 Steel Rod 1 Steeel Rod
Speed  0mph<Speed 71 swing/min
Durability   Life Time Warranty  Until battery Die
Durability  Up to 4 Kids Per Set Up to 4 Kids Per Set 


Team Members

  • Nicole Ramirez – Photographer, Reporter, Builder and Visuals 
  • Samuel Schawartz – Builder and Battery Worker
  • My Dang- Reporter, Builder and Sawder Specialist
  • Binh Dang- Video Maker, Photographer and Builder

 How to Make Your Own!

  1. Collect all  of the materials that are required.
  2. Drill a hole in 2 of the cylinder stick a quarter inch from the top. 
  3. The two holes should be parallel with each other when you space it out. 
  4. Insert metal rod through the holes in the cylinder stick.
  5. (Make sure you space the cylinder sticks around 3-4 inches away from each other).
  6. Bend the steel rod into a Z shape. 
  7. Make the swing seat, handles, and bars out of any materials that is available to you. 
  8. Attach the swing seat, handles, and bars to the metal rod. 
  9. Super glue or hot glue the bars to the metal rod.
  10. Make 2 gears then attach it to the motor with 2 AA batteries. 
  11. Using a metal string, attach it to the metal rod and the motor. 

This Is What It Should Look Like!

YouTube Preview Image


September 9th, 2013 23:19

Awesome job team!!!! This looks great!!!

September 15th, 2013 18:46

Here’s what your peers wrote about your project:

  • 4.46 “Good work, overall good idea and nice bunch of things attached”
  • 4.92 “Good job bringing humor into presentation”
  • 4.00 “Very good division of presentation”
  • 5.00 “Great job!!!”
  • 4.00 “Great video”
  • 5.00 “Great job. My favorite project/presentation”
  • 5.00 “Very unique problem and solution. Great presentation”
  • 3.69 “Pros- None, Cons- Isn’t a cart”
  • 3.85 “plus 1 initiative, CENTER!, learned from butterfly example,sense of pride”
  • 4.15 “Was wanting to see a design with more than one motor”
September 15th, 2013 20:08

This is SO cool!!! I’m super happy!!! Great job team!!!

September 16th, 2013 01:18

My notes:

  • Use the CENTER formatting option – don’t put spaces in there!
  • Your comment about many children not having good memories needs to site empirical data or a study
  • “attentive parent” should be “parents” (plural) or “an attentive parent”.
  • “Sawder” should be “solder”
  • Your power spec planned vs actual does not compare the same units. Should probably list “3v” in each column.
  • “Have a safety belt” is not a good spec. Can you make that measurable?
  • What was the speed (swings/minute) of your final project?
  • Cylinder stick? Metal string?
  • I want more details about the mechanics! I would LOVE to see you write about how you implemented the crank handles, your frustrations when it wasn’t working, and your glee when it did work.
  • You should give Tom a shout/thank you for supplying the gear box!
  • Your video is good, but would be better if each picture had a caption explaining what’s going on in it.
  • @1:42 2 AA batteries in series is 3v, not 1.5v (it’s 1.5v EACH)
  • Music is good, but would be better if it transitioned better (maybe fade out/in?)
  • +1 Music credits
  • +1 Links to Hello, Blog posts
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