A++ Travelers – 1100
SLaP! Gold Group Name: A ++ Travelers
Class Time: 1100
Team Members:
  • Khalid Almustanyiv
  • Rochell Delevante
  • Heber Jimenez
  • Dien Kien

Problem and solution

Regardless of how long your flight is, coming off the airplane leaves many feeling physically and mentally exhausted. There are numerous stress factors that coincide with traveling by flight, which can include complicated and long layovers, switching airlines, re-checking in through different terminals and etc., this can all be made a little bit easier by adding in a hassle free and productive method of transporting people through the airport in an efficient way. For example, by adding in a moving sidewalk to each terminal, traversing across to different gates / baggage claims can greatly reduce the time and stress it takes for tight layovers; and even make just getting out of the airport faster to a stress free environment an easier and faster process.


Specification Planned Actual
Length 10 ft 18 in
Width 4 ft 7 in
Height 4 ft 5in
Motor 1 1
Batteries 9V  1  2
 Gears ratio  20/1  20/1
 Cargo    4+ Lego Personnel

Team Members

Our group tried to meet up as much as possible but were unable to meet as much as we all would have liked to due to differing schedules. We didn’t have specific tasks set to each group member, but everyone partook in some way to get the assignment well done.

Our group consisted of the following members:

  • Khalid Almustanyiv – Provided support to all members in tasks, such as helping with the construction and general implementation of each task.
  • Rochell Delevante – Provided initial postings of the constraints, as well as helping with the CNC design. She also typed the initial report for our group and provided pictures and clips for the group video.
  • Heber Jimenez – Provided general design for the battery switch, and helped other team members with construction and design.
  • Dien Kien – Provided the basis for the initial idea and design, worked alongside Rochell for the CNC design, and worked on the editing and creation of the video.

Implementation Details

Use CNC computer for design. 

1. Design 4X 16in Long, 4in Height on foam board. With 1/8 wide 1in deep notch at the top at following coordinate; 2in, 5in, 8in, 15in.

2. Cut 5X dowels; 1in thick, 3 3/8 in long. Then drill pin nails on each end.

3. Glue 2X foam board together times 2, then glue them with two pieces of wood. 2X 6in long, 4in wide, 1in height.

4. Place motor housing with gear box on one end after attaching dowels to the motor. see video.

5. Attach batteries using paper clip circuit. see video.

6. Attach paper belt to dowels.

7. Test. Use more batteries for desire speed.

YouTube Preview Image
September 11th, 2013 11:48

Khalid Almustanyiv
Rochell Delevante
Heber Jimenez
Let me know of any changes to the blog post before this weekend.

September 15th, 2013 18:43

Here’s what your peers wrote about your project:

  • 4.00 “Great presentation and video, track seemed very rough”
  • 3.92 “Above average, not original but gets job done.”
  • 4.55 “very well done”
  • 3.69 “Should’ve used lego people”
  • 4.00 “Overall good concept, just a little rough on test”
  • 4.31 “Video shows the building from start to finish”
  • 3.46 “Prop the lab”
  • 4.62 “It looks awesome.”
  • 4.92 “Neat”
September 16th, 2013 01:09

My notes:

  • No speed spec? How about stability/comfort?
  • No paper belt details
  • You should give Tom a shout/thank you for supplying the gear box!
  • I really like your video intros. Wish all pictures had captions
  • Popscicle sticks appear in the video, but are not mentioned in the blog text
  • +1 Music credits
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