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Hello I am Scott Farwell a freshman here at WSU. My hobbies include playing video games networking with friends sports, and redstone circuitry on Minecraft. I’m extremely interested in several aspects of science especially quantum physics and studies of the universe. I was born in Topeka Kansas and was raised in a small town called Lyndon. I graduated from Lyndon High School, and am currently considering a major in biomedical engineering. Five to ten years from now I see myself in post-secondary school pursuing a career in either the medical or engineering field. I hope to learn about all of the different fields of engineering offered here at WSU so I can find what I truly love doing.

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March 18th, 2014 19:43

I like mine craft too, though I am planning on a medieval castle covered in dispensers in a checkered pattern with a redstone system connected to pressure plates to kill invaders. Also I plan on a degree in engineering for a job in weapons designing.

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