Dhafer Almustanyir

Hello , My name is Dhafer Almustanyir , I’m from Saudi Arabia exactly from the south part of my country, our city called Najran. 

I came here to U.S. in December 2010 . The first college I attend in here was Emporia State University . I was going for Computer Information System major , I stay in there for three years . Then I diceaied to chang my major to Industrial Engineering which is Emporia State doesn’t have it , so I transferred to here . 
I change my major because when I think about it , I find that I will get better job back there in my country , also I want to  be as my father because I’m always proud of him and what he been doing . 
I like playing soccer a lot , I usually play twice a week . I played with Emopria State team for the   last two semester befor I moved to here . 
I also like to read historic stories , I feel that it is good to know how they use to live , and how life been change since then until now. 
We have a big family , I have eghit sisters and six brothers , one of my brothers is here with me , khalid and I always together even in this class ,we help each other to go throug this life and get what are we looking for in the future .
This is something about me and my life  I so glad to let you know about me as well as I got to know about all of you 
My Nike name in Facebook is Dhafer Alyami 
Thank you
December 12th, 2013 21:36

Where are your project links?

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