Hi guys .

My name is Khalid ALmustanyir , I am originally from Saudi Arabia i came to US 2011 , i was studying in Emporia State

University , then i transferred to WSU that because my major is not available in ESU which is industrial engineering , and this

semester is my first semester here in WSU . I choose this major for many reasons one of them is my father is industrial engineer 

,  and i like the factory’s live :) , so i think if you like the place you working in you will do great job .

My favorite sport is play soccer , i really like play soccer , and i was playing in the soccer club in ESU and now i playing in the

soccer club here in WSU . i watch movies a lot spicily dancing movies such as “step up ” .

My family is a big family comparing to families here in US , i have 6 brothers and 8 sisters , and one if my brothers is with us in 

this class his name is Dhafer ALmustanyir  .

I think this class will give me a good idea  about engineering since it’s my first semester in my new major

“industrial engineering”. 

you guys can connect me on facebook “khalid alyami ” . 


Name Team Name Links
SLaP! A++ Travelers Spec / Report
Refactor khalid almustanyir Refactor the World
Foam basket  basket
Arduinoween Dead Baby Dead Baby

Final Project

Christmas toy

 Christmas toy

December 12th, 2013 21:30

Your links for “Refactor the World” and “Basket” are broken.

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