Hello Blog, I’m Thomas Simpson – ENGR 101 TR 11:00-12:15

   Hello everyone! My name is Thomas Simpson and this is my first year here at WSU, but not my first year of college. I graduated from Cowley College and have a Associate of Arts degree. I was born in Texas, but have spent the majority of my life in Arkansas City, KS. I traveled for a summer over seas visiting a couple other countries after I graduated from High school in 2010. Over my life I have also lived at one point or another in every state in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii, which I really hope to at least visit one day. Some of my hobbies are Video Games, as of lately mostly on the PC, and I also enjoy reading and drawing. I tend to listen to any type of music however I don’t like every genre completely. My major is Undecided engineering at this moment but I am leaning towards either Aerospace or maybe Mechanical. I am hoping that this class will let me see some of the differences and help me to make up my mind quicker. I am looking forward to the projects in this class and working with my fellow class mates. Don’t really have a camera on me and I have no pictures of myself on my laptop sooo ya. I can just edit it later when I get one.


Project Name Group Links
SLaP! The Troubleshooters  Report l Specs


Self  Sink

Foam Project




Austin Bright, Self

 Jacks of all trades

Final Project

Michael, Chandler, Self, Adam

The Claw

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