Hello Blog, I’m Samuel Schwartz- TR 0930

I am an undecided engineering major, but am leaning a bit to mechanical engineering, because I like to build things creatively. I was born here in Wichita, but my dad is from Russell, KS and my mom is from the Philippines-the exact island name I’m unsure about spelling. I have a brother and sister, both older than me and related through my mom, so they don’t look much like me (I’ve heard that we look alike before though). I’m a lazy, easy-going guy but I also know when to work and I do my best. My hobbies include hanging out with my family or friends, watching Netflix and playing with the animals on my mom’s farm (except the llama, he likes to keep his distance). I also know sign language and I assist in a sign language class under my sign language instructor as well as interpret on weekends at my church, First Pentecostal Church. I don’t plan very far ahead, so I think I’ll find out where I’ll be when I get there. I hope this class is fun and includes alot of hands-on projects.

Project Group Name Link
SLaP! Never Alone http://cratel.wichita.edu/blogs/engr101fall2013canare/2013/09/09/never-alone-0930/
December 12th, 2013 21:38

Where are your project links?

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