Hello Blog, I’m Rochell Delevante – TR 1100


My name is Rochell Delevante  

I’m originally from Panama in Central America.  I moved to Brooklyn New York with my family at an early age.  I am an Air Force veteran who enjoys to travel and my goal is to visit a different country every year.  So far I’ve been to England, France and Panama so I have more to go.  I enjoy volunteering and I had a great opportunity to be a lunch buddy mentor for three years.  I enjoy working out.  

After working 6 years in social services, I decided to make a career change in Computer Science.  The decision to leave my full time job and return to school was extremely overwhelming.  Computers is very new to me so if you have any advice that you will be willing to give, e-mail me at rtdelevante@wichita.edu  


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