Hello Blog, I’m Jayme Fuentes – ENGR 101 TR 0930
Hello All,
My name is Jayme Fuentes and I am currently a Sophomore at WSU. My major is Computer Engineering. The reason I chose this field is because I have always had an interest in technology and how if works, what makes it work, etc. I am married and have a little boy  who is 16 months old. I love spending time with my family and friends. Other hobbies I have include watching sports especially Football and Soccer as well as playing video games. I am originally from Garden City, KS and moved to Wichita to attend WSU. I hope to gain from this course a general understanding of all fields of Engineering. If you would like to contact me you may at jafuentes@wichita.edu.



Project Group Name Links
SLaP! Team 2 Cart Specs l Report
Refactor the World Jayme Fuentes Refactor the World!
All Roads Start at Foam Jayme Fuentes  All Roads Start at Foam
Arduinoween  Will-o’-the-Wire  Will-o’-the-Wire
Final Project  Mediterranean Dew  AUTO WATER
My Motivation Jayme Fuentes My Motivation



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