Hello Blog, I’m Benjamin Fillipi – ENGR 101 TR 0930

Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin Fillipi and I am currently a freshman at WSU.

 I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in something else though I don’t know what yet. I was born in Wichita and live near Mulvane. My mom on other hand was from South Dakota while my dad was born in Wyoming and lived all over the U.S. due to his father being in the military. I also have a sister who is 7 years older than me. My hobbies include listening to various bits of music, playing video games and looking after the 10 cats we have around the house. I have a interest in computer science and hope this course shows some of what I can expect from the various classes and possibly from what ever job I get in the future. In 10 years or so I hope that I’ll will be out of college working at a well paying job and bemoaning my lack of free time.

If anybody wants to contact me my email address is bsfillipi@wichita.edu.  

note: I apologize for the lack of a picture however my internet/computer will not upload it.

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