Hello Everyone, I’m Binh Dang – TR (0930)


Hello! My name is Binh Dang. I’m a freshmen at WSU of course. Initially I wasn’t planning to major in engineering at all but just before summer start. My cousin told me that she was going to major in engineering. That was when I decided to follow my cousin and major in engineer. You might not know but the girl that sit next to me in class is actually an alien. It was hard but I come to accept the fact that I have an alien cousin. So far, I’m interested in mechanical engineering and hopefully in time, I will graduate with mechanical engineer. 

  • painting and drawing. listening to music. 
  • anything that is interesting or less popular 
  • I have two sisters and one brother. 
  • I was born in Vietnam. 
  • I’m thinking of mechanical engineer. 
  • I don’t like to look into the future much. I always try to take advance of what I have right now and make the best out of it. But hopefully in 5 years, I will be graduating with mechincal engineer and hopefully get a good job. 
  • I just hope that this class will show me more about the different kind of engineer there are. Hopefully by the end of the semester, I would know for sure what I want to major in. 

I loves to meet new people and make more friends. Here is my email address bdang0515@gmail.com.  

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