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I am 27 years old with two children; Allie(7) and Espen(1.5).

The fam

I’ve been deployed to Afghanistan twice as an Infantryman during 7.5 years of Army National Guard service. Once working in the capacity of an Afghan police trainer/mentor and then as a Personnel Security team for a group of specialists in Agribusiness. Through the deployments I have physically touched Ireland, Romania, Amsterdam, Qatar, some place in Germany I can’t remember, and a couple other places I can’t recall.  

It is extremely hot…

I’ve also visited Hawaii and Germany/France for vacation outside the CONUS.

While in Hawaii I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet and highly recommend the experience to everyone. 

It really is THAT awesome…

I work in IT and have since 2007. In IT I have been exposed to hardware and software troubleshooting, server management, programming, process documentation and backup management.

Recent conversion from six physical servers to a high availability virtualized cluser using HP Proliant’s and a NetApp.

Prior to breaking into the IT field, I built scaffolding at refineries in Oklahoma and Kansas. Between 2008 and 2011 I would occasionally work weekends in Ponco City at the ConocoPhillips refinery within the alki unit building scaffold to help an old boss rotate some regular time employees through days off. I’ve also worked on an drilling rig in Oklahoma.

While building scaffold at OG&E Muskogee, OK I am standing approximately 150′ up on scaffolding we were erecting inside a 50′x50′x250′ boiler. After four 17 hours days we had the entire scaffolding built and ready for the boiler-makers to come in for repair/modification.



  • My current hobby(aside from homework and kids) is VMWare. I have a decommissioned server from work at my house, which I have turned into a virtual host. With a technet account I can install various operating systems and test. Right now I have brought up a Windows domain and am working on bringing another virtual host up at a friends house to create a site-to-site VPN between the two.
  • Some interests of mine include but are not limited to computers & technology, space, music and photography. I like to try to snowboard twice a year in Colorado but didn’t get a chance last Winter. I also have an aquarium and fish pond, in which, I try to keep from killing the inhabitants. 
  • I have three brothers and one sister. My household family consists of two children and my girlfriend.
  • I was raised in Coalgate, Oklahoma. I moved to Wichita in 2007 after my first deployment to Afghanistan.
  • I am majoring in Computer Engineering because I work in the I.T. field and love the challenges and opportunities it presents.
  • In 5 years I want to be finished with my degree. You may laugh, but it has taken me 5 years to be a junior. A year ago I took a job as an IT Director of a company so I have less time for school. I want to eventually study to get my CCNA and be well versed in the networking side of IT. 
  • I hope this class offers a collaborative environment to share ideas and learn engineering techniques. 


My Projects

Project Name URL
SLAP1 False Smoke Alarm Rectifier
Refactor the World!  3rd Part Software Installations
Address Bar vs. Search Bar


Final Project

3x3x3 LED Cube

6x6x12 LED Tower


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Ashlee Weeks
August 27th, 2013 14:00

I love how dedicated you are! It is amazing! Also, my family lives in small towns in Oklahoma so it is great to see you mention some of them!

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