Hello Blog, I’m Dominic Canare – TR 0930/1100

Hey, guys! My name is Dominic Canare, and I’m the instructor for this course!

Some of my hobbies include tennis, cycling, tinkering, piano, electronics, and so many more! I enjoy volunteering in the community and being a part of MakeICT.

I’m very interested in various forms of technology, especially how it can be applied in ways to improve the quality of one’s life. I’m also very passionate about education. If I ever go back to college, I will probably seek a phd in human factors or pedagogy.

I don’t have a spouse or any kids, but I do have two cats, Buttercup and Nala. I’m originally from the Wichita area (Derby graduate), and I have a B.S. from Pittsburg State and an M.S. from WSU.

I’ve worked as a freelancer, software developer (front and backend), web developer, systems analyst, educator, and consultant. Oh, I’ve also done some modeling which I’m very proud of and you should definitely ask me about. Presently, I have a small business through which I try to help people embrace technology.

Lastly, I’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign – you should spread the word!


I hope this class proves to be useful and fun for everyone! Feel free to reach out to me:

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