July 25, 2013

Go over logistics
Mention links on blog
Reflection and Ideas for Next Year
WordPress Issues http://cratel.wichita.edu/cratel/cratel/WP/fixme

go over new blogs:

  •  - must add users
  •  - must subscribe users to forum
  •  - hiding pages
  •  - didn’t create schedule because I didn’t know who was taking 2 sections…
  •  - didn’t create inspirational fodder…
  •  - didn’t create any templates
  • still need to do Nick’s blog
  • still need to add links to blogs



link to 2020
send to Dom what we are expecting from the presenters

Dom is going to lead getting the internal guests
send Dom a contact for the library

go to 2 out of 5 tours?
they sign up early in the semester

student groups: John and Nick

are the mentors 10 or 20 hours?

John will assign the mentors

John will contact about who is teaching what classes
Dom can do TR 11-12:15, TR 9:30-10:45
Nick will take TR 5:45-7
Rye will take MW 10:30
Curt is keeping MW 2:30-3:45

get syllabus online

weekly meeting for all instructors: Friday’s lunch?

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