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F-f-foam Away Assignment

Make a fun foam something using Tom McGuire’s CNC Foam Cutter. Your fun foam something should have at least 2 interlocking pieces.

Sienna Jones – TR

I decided to make a Sparrow! It has 8 pieces all together and was pretty simple to put together. I made it so it would be 3D.


[Hussam Mohammed] – [or TR Section]

I made the square because I will give it to my girlfriend as a gift for her birthday. it’s a simple box and i wrote my name and my girlfriend’s name on it 





Hamed Al dhuraif
  • I made this decorative of two ducks under a dome. It’s simple. It took me about three days to come up with this idea. I have seen this shape in church. So, that idea pop on my mind.
  • At the beginning I wanted to shape horses, but when the cut machine draw them, I found my horses turned into ducks!! Then I made the wings. LOL
  •  SVG
  • SVG 2
Nick Jackson [TR]
For my Foam Away project I made a ninja. Yes, a ninja. It is over a foot tall and has three ninja stars. Both hands can be used to equip said stars. He also has a sweet bandanna. 
  • Three 4″ diameter circles (two for head and one for bandanna ring).
  • Six 2″ diameter “H” (body piece connectors).
  • Two 6″ long ovals (body).
  • Eight 4″ long ovals (arms and legs).
  • One 1.5″ x 0.5″ rectangle (bandanna connector).
  • One 4″ x 1.5″ rectangle (end of bandanna).
  • One 2.75″ diameter ninja star (for killing).
  • One 3″ diameter ninja star (for honor).
  • One 4″ diameter ninja star (for some other important thing).
  • One 8″ x 8″ base (for…standing).
It was pretty easy to make, it mostly consists of circles and ovals. The only problems I had were measurements. Originally on Inkscape I did not check the individual measurements of the objects and just judged them by the dash marks on the corners of the interface. With that mistake, my project came out double it’s intended size. No problem, just double the awesome. Right? 
Austin Haase – TR Section

ENGR 101 Foam Rocking Chair

For my F-F-Foam Away project I decided to create a rocking chair. I was actually sitting in the lounge at the dorms and was contemplating what I wanted to create, and realized my chair was NOT a rocking chair, so henceforth, and thus, I then created a rocking chair. The two things that I would probably have been able to do differently would not have made the gap between the lots as thin. It made it very difficult to connect the pieces without breaking the Styrofoam. Also, the weight distribution makes the chair not able to actually rock. It requires some weight on the seat part for it to even sit up-right. The dimensions of it are about 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide. 

Kori DaCosta – TR Section – Volta Wheel
Volta Ferris Wheel
For my project I built a Mini Ferris-wheel with blue and green led’s and one motor.
  • One motor
  • 8 blue led’s
  • 8 green led’s
  • 4 9v batteries
  • resistor (optional) 
  • Wire
  • aluminum tape
  • 2 switches
  • 2 nails
In the original design in the svg, I forgot to make a place for the motor. So I had to cut out a hole in the stand in order for the motor to be high enough to reach the wheel. Also, I had to shrink the dimensions in the file. 
Jenny Pinkston – TR
My foam project is a spinning Christmas tree.  Tis the season…almost.  It could run off a motor, but I am a tree hugger and made a gear that accommodates to manpower.  It saves money and energy!
    •  Specs:
    • ~The top rings increase in dimension by 0.4 inches
    • ~The post that has all the rings is 6 inches
    • ~The bigger gear has 24 teeth

editable svg file(s) which you used in creating your foam something.  Make sure the svg file you provide does *not* have objects already grouped.

^^This is on my flash drive.  I’m not sure if it is possible for me to upload the file without having the software on my computer.

    • If I made this project again, which is tempting, I would make the gears more compatible. I would make a base that holds the tree and the gear in place.


Matt Gillan TR 9:30am
  • For my F-f-f-foam away project I decided to build a guitar. I was planning on making more instruments than just the guitar, but time got in the way! I traced out a Fender Stratocaster Body shape and then added a few minor changes to the shape of the body. I then traced the outline of the neck of the guitar. I cut out a rectangle shape to fit right smack dab in the middle of the neck and body to connect the whole thing together. 
  • If I could do this again I would try to find a better way of connecting the neck of the guitar to the body. It works for this project, but I’m not satisfied with the way it fits. Also, I wish that inkscape was more user friendly. I’m sure with the right amount of practice that you can do some pretty awesome things with the program. If I would of had more knowledge of the program I would of built an amp and speaker cabinet for the guitar, a bass guitar and speaker cabinet, and a drum set.
Alex Shoemaker – TR Section

I decided to make a biplane. I didn’t know what to do so I thought whats cool? Planes. What’s cooler? Old Planes. So this was the obvious choice. The planes wings are about 4 inches and the body is about 4 inches. The plane is mostly held together by itself but in some spots it needs a little help.

Biplane SVG