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Class Members Assignment

Class members, tell us about yourselves!

[Your Name] – [MW or TR Section]

Replace all of the text in this template by introducing yourself to the class. Include in your introduction a picture of yourself and a short description of who you are. You might include

  • hobbies
  • interests
  • where you are from
  • your major (mechanical, electrical, undecided, etc.)

You might also include:

  • Why you decided to come to WSU
  • Why you chose your major
  • What you imagine for your life in 10 years

end the post with an obfuscated version of your email, so other humans in the class can easily contact you.

[Your Name] – [MW or TR Section]

         I’m Al dhuraif, Hamed from Saudi Arabia . My country is consider the biggest Oil county ,so this why chose  Electrical engineering as a major and  I expect to Work at the biggest  oil company in the world Aramco Service Company or at Halliburton Company which is one of the world’s largest oilfield services companies with operations in more than  70 countries. I chose WSU because there are great opportunities finding somewhere  to have experience from.  love me  through my hookah because It is the most thing I love. Hookah gives me a great  mood to stud. I like playing soccer in my free time.

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I was late to do that because I was transferring that caused me to miss the first 2 weeks of school

My name is Hussam Mohammed. I’m from Saudi Arabia and I was born in a city that’s called Jeddah. It’s a huge city by the Red Sea. I’m 20 years old. I have been here in the US for almost 2 years. It’s my first semester @ WSU. I studies at Emporia State University for a year and six months. I also learned English there. I love Engineering and I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering right now I’m thinking to change it to Aerospace  Engineering. Hobbies, I’m so crazy about soccer, I love even watching it. I love traveling and I have been to many countries. One of the most beautiful countries that I have been to is United State. I have a girlfriend and her  name is Kajsa. I met her at the library ;) . I hate rice and I never smoke Hookah so all my friends tell me I’m a fake Arab lol.

Waleed Alobaidi – MW

Hi, every body .My name is Waleed ALobaidi . I would like to be come an engineer  to make the life much easier

to people ,and I believe there  are no limits to the human mind for creativity and I wish every engineer invents a new thing to make life easier to the others. My hobbies are  reading , riding horses , and play chess . I’m interests at Law , and Political Science . for my major  Im undecided yet so I hope i find something I really like . I came to WSU because some of my cousin studying here . I see my self working in many companies , and challenge my self and the life in the same time . I would like to make a group of engineers who  are volunteer to make the life of people easier . I would like to thanks Mr. Jhon he is a great teacher.


MY Email address is (

I wish good luck for everybody in his career . :)

[Mustafa Albagshi] – [ TR Section]
My name is mustafa albagshi. I am from middle east. I am 21 years old. I enjoy watching moveis and love watching TV shows like lost, Heroes, How I met you mother etc. I play soccer in my free time. My major is Electrical Engineering. This is my first semester in WSU. I decided to study here because I had the opportunity to study abroad. Also, because the offered a great degree plan in engineering. I think my life would be a great after graduation and work as engineer and have a good job in big company. 10 years from now I will be married and have 2 kids :)
my WSU email: 
Mohammed AlSaeed MW

Hi This is Mohammed AlSaeed , I’m from The East of Saudi Arabia. I’m 23 years old. My favorite job is Mechanic I enjoy fixing cars and modifing the performance cars. In my free time i like to watch drag racing, drifting, TV shows, and Shopping.I came to this country by recommondation from my dad to have a good education and build a great future .  My Future plans  I would like to finish my degree and get a great job then I wanna open a high performance cars workshop and make a good money. I also like to work by my hand insted of lecture.  However, I hope that we will enjoy working in this class and do well.


Aymen Alsaeed – MW

Hello, this is Aymen alsaeed, Im 21 years old , and from Saudi Arabia, I like cars and i like taking care of them and fixing them, so it’s my hoppy. In my free time I always play computer games, with my friends, and also I like to go out to eat with them. I came here to Wichita because of my cousin, he recommended me to come here. My major is Mechanical Engineering, so in the future I will be an Engineer working in a big company in my contry making good money, having new sport cars and big house, thank you .

 My email is :

Chase Pote – TR Section

Hey guys, my name is Chase Pote, and i am a Freshmen here at Wichita State. I am from Wichita, but i grew up in a small town west of Wichita, called Andale! A little something you guys should know about me, i lost my hearing due to meningitis when i was six years old. I am hard of hearing because i wear a cochlear implant that allows me to hear, in my opinion, about 75% of what you guys hear. My hobbies would be watching any type of movie, but i prefer to watch horror movies. I enjoy building, and creating things which lead me to the Engeneering major. As of right now, i am majoring the basic engeneering. And hopefully soon i will be able to choose and go into a more specific major. I decided to come to Wichita State University because it was close to home, but mostly because of Track & Field. I am on the Mens Track & Field team and i throw the javelin. In ten years I hope to have my degree in my major, have a great job, in which i enjoy, and beginning to start having a family. Hopefully after this brief description about myself, you have learned a little more about me!


Andrew Blick – TH 9:30

Andrew Blick in Summary:

  • HOBBIES: Musical instruments, composing music, cars (performance), driving, leisure sports, excercizing, Call of Duty.
  • INTERESTS: Music, cars, and having fun!
  • FROM: Wichita, KS (Born and raised).
  • MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering

College Information:

  • I came to WSU because it is close to home and is a cost-effecient alternative to KSU.
  • I chose my major because I love cars and am interested in designing and building them to my own likings.
  • I immagine my life as a mechanical engineer for BMW USA, as well as being a part-time musician.

e-mail: axmxbxlxixcxkx@wxixcxhxixtxa.exdxux.

My Baby :)