The Mini Foosers: Foosball Table – MW


Aisha Foam/Construction/Aesthetics/Video
Jake Frame/Construction/Arduino
Tyler Construction/Materials
Waleed LEDs/Construction
Aymen LEDs/Construction

We created a miniature foosball table. Originally the idea of building a game was a concept we reflected upon, however we concluded with creating a foosball table. Not only did it seem accessible, but time-wise it was a bit more appropriate as a final project. YouTube Preview Image

We first developed our wood-based frame. Using a variety of skills the frame was able to be produced. From there, we had to make intricate and careful measurements in order to combine all the elements of the game together. (dowels, scoreboard, frame, etc.) Our scoreboards were wood based and we had foam attached to them as well. Holes were drilled within the wood so the LED’s we used fit snugly, and overall this gave the project a more well developed look. One scoreboard has blue LED’s, and the other had green. Basically.. blue vs. green. Arduinos gave the LED’s the power they received, and the buttons on each players side powered the scoreboard (1-10; at ten the scores reset.)

1 Wood Frame
2 Arduinos
2 scoreboard panels (wood/foam
Blue LEDS (wiring/coding)
Green LEDS (wiring/coding)
Roughly 3-4 2ft Dowel rods
2 buttons (wiring/coding/processing, etc)




Overall, we feel like our project turned out the way it was intended to be. The only thing that did not work the way we wanted it to was the resetting of the scoreboards when a player reached the 10 score mark. You would have to manually do so in order to start another game (by hitting the buttons until you reach 10.) If we spent a little bit more time with coding we probably would have been able to resolve the conflict. We also wanted to rely on photosensors within the nets to trigger responses on the scoreboards once the ping pong ball fell in, but that was a complicated matter we were not able to construct. Therefore, with the expansion of our project if given more time altogother, we probably would add a few different features to our project. Perhaps a fanfare appearing on the seven segments with sound/image using processing if a player was to win, or maybe even a way to retract the ball out of the nets without manually doing so.

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