Shocktastic Four Final Project Report & Video: Shocktastic Wubot – TR


team member contribution
Lance Loganbill   Arduino programmer
Samantha Dockery designer and built the Wubot
Jenny Pinkston Poster maker 
Caleb Warden Video maker/poster maker


We built a remote control Car/Wubot that is controlled by a accelerometer. Our car has an led on the bottom that you can turn on and off with a button. We also have a glow-n-dark board where you are able to drive on and draw a design using the led when it is turned on. 


List of parts we used.

  • 2 gear motors – 12v
  • 2 metal wheels of some sort
  • Arduino
  • Arduino shield 
  • Light aluminum for the body
  • Wires
  • 1 led
  • Accelerometer
  • Foam for the controller body
  • 7.4 volt rechargeable battery
  • Glow-n-dark paint
  • Board for the glow-n-dark paint
  • Switch
  • Rivets
  • Set screw to piece the body together
  • Twist ties
  • Glue

We built a remote control car/robot that would draw a glow-n-dark design. First, we put together the body of the car and attached the wheels. Then we mounted the arduino on top of the body with the arduino shield. Next, we wired each of the motors to the arduino shield, and wired the batteries to the motor shield as well. Then we wired the accelerometer to the arduino shield to help control where the robot/car would go using the X and Y axis. We then programmed the arduino and accelerometer, so when you tilt the accelerometer forward the car would move forward and so on. Now you are able to steer and move the car any way you want too. Next we wired a switch and a led to the arduino, and mounted the led to the bottom of the car so the led would light up the ground. We mounted  both the switch and the accelerometer to some foam for a sturdy controller. Now that your whole car/robot is assembled and working. Next paint a board with some glow-n-dark paint, and let it dry. Turn your light on and drive over the board and create some kind of design. After your done with your design, shut the lights off so you can see the design you created on the glow-n-dark board. 

Here is the code for the WUBOT! 




Here is a Schematic picture of our electrical wiring. 



  • Every thing on our project turned out pretty good. The code was a little difficult but I believe we figured it out. 
  • We could mess with the code to make the car move more efficient.
  • There could be a better way to solve this problem but as of right now I do not see another way to do that.Our way works out just fine.
  • One way we could expand our project is to make it wireless. So that way you don’t have to carry a cord around every where. 
December 8th, 2012 6:15 am

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