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group project support on the blog

how can we set it up for a group post and any member of a group can edit a particular post?

Next Year: support and resources

What would have made a difference for you this semester?

  • more individual support? What would that look like?
  • support from members of the class?
  • easier assignments? harder assignments? different assignments?
  • more or less assignments? more steps on the way? (final project proposals etc.)
Next Year: grading
  • Criteria clear enough?
  • 18 assignments
  • final project
  • more teams?
  • attendance
  • late policy for assignments
  • quality of writing and presentation in assignments
  • recommendations for grading next year
Next Year: content

1/3 overview of engr, 1/3 study skills, 1/3 practice as an engineer

Engineering Discipline:

  • professor lectures
  • industry
  • manufacturing lab
  • what is missing? what would actually help
  • personal perception of tinkering

Study Skills:

  • note taking
  • structure of the university
  • what would actually help?
  • what did you learn this semester in another class you wish you knew sooner?

Practice as an Engineer

  • uncomfortable?

Learning from each other:

  • presentations
  • discussion list
  • teams
  • class discussions
Next year: online tools

how did the blog, wiki, discussion list work for you? Are there other tools you might recommend given:

  • need to have optionally public assignments
  • need to be able to comment on each other’s assignments
  • need to easily be able to find assignments and people

some of John’s thoughts:

  • how can we inspire more people to share more ideas on the discussion list
  • concern of noise on the list
  • sorting through the list: “what is important”
    • example: please asking about arduino connections with compute
  • assignments:
    • how to spell out more clearly
    • need to be on Bb as well, instead?
  • schedule:
    • was it helpful?
    • how often did you reference it?
    • is there another way to do it, share it that would be more helpful?
logistical changes

Smaller Logistical Changes to consider:

  1. class and instructor notes should be in subdirectories of the calendar
  2. calendar/assignments should be cross-referenced in Bb?
  3. Bb blogs/wikis need to be considered
Use orgsync instead of googlegroups

suggestion from WSU student not in 101…