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Seth Simon’s Super Dance-O-Matic

Hi, I want to create a dance machine with the arduino. It will consist of panels that sit on the ground and when someone steps on it the panel lights up and a sound is made! And to make this a little more interesting i wanted to turn this into a game were the panels will light up and then the player has to step on the corresponding panel to shut it off!

hassan al-tulaihi

I am going to use sensor light and I am thinking to do very simple and useful project, turn in and off the light when I cross the sensor.

1-get the materials


3-connect everything together


5-turn in

Faris Alzahrani

I am going to use a light sensor and make a the turn on . When somebody walk cross the sensor the light turn on. I want to do this because I  always like to turn some light on when I get home. so by putting a sensor that going to make everything easy for me.

1. Get Materials

2. Connect everything

3. Program

4. Test it out

5. Turn it in

Michael LeBlanc LED cube

I am planning on using 512 leds (eight planes of 64 leds) to create a cube. This cube will be able to give a temperature display as well as to be programmed to do patterns.

Process :

Day 1: test all leds for effectiveness

Day 2: solder  all of the leds together

Day 3: add shift registers and resisters to the circuit board

Day 4: Wire levels and set up transistors

Day 5: connect to power supply and build containment box

Day 6-8: Code like crazy

Planned to work alone but only time can tell

Anti-hunger (Dog treat Launcher)


 The Anti- hunger is a dog treat launcher (The dog is starving) . Ever have a dog not leave alone ? well we got the solution the launcher will launch treats and make him happy.

How it works:

As the dog approaches the launcher , it will trigger the sensor and will launch a doggy treat and it will leave you alone

By Ali Issa , and Dalia H.

Matt Reed-Final Project

I am going to use a light sensor and make an alarm clock. When the sun or any light source hits the Arduino a sound will be made to wake someone up.

1. Get Materials

2. Connect everything

3. Program

4. Test it out

5. Turn it in

Luis Nolasco- Final Project Proposal

For my final project i want to make a camera with flash take a picture, triggered by a sensor, that otherwise would be almost impossible to capture. I got the idea from this website.

1. get all of the materials i need.

2. get it all hooked up and ready to work.

3. write/tweak the code for the arduino

4.make sure it works

5. turn it in

Matt Phillip-final project

For my final project i am going to make a small billboard type object using a few LED’s and a LCD.  I have going to have a scrolling message that will play on the LCD and i will have LED’s flash To draw your attention to it.

so far my plan is to

1. get materials

2. wire up the LCD

3. program the arduino and get the LCD to say what i want it to say

4. hopefully get it all working

5. turn it in and hope for the best

Two of a kind

Thomas and Prabhjit have come up with the best project ever!!!!!!!!
We have developed a proposal for two projects. The first being a scale which tells the user his/her weight and then has a quick witted statement. The second is a proposal of some what the same idea. A punching bag which tells the user how strong of a punch the user has and then also has a quick witted remark for the user.
1. The project will need a sensor to tell the pressure of of the user.
2. The project will also need a digital read out unit and a LCD to express the quick witted remark.
We possibly have openings for a team member if you would like to be on a team with the best project EVER!!!!!!!!

John Wayne’s website hit counter proposal

I am going to continue to build on my first arduino project and make a website hit counter. Basically everytime someone logs onto a certain site, the arduino will turn a servo motor with a paperclip attached to it to hit a bell. That indicates “hey someone logged onto to this site! cool beans!”

5 steps

1. make a base for it (Nov 19)

2. make the code for it (November 26)

3. find a website with a hit counter (November 26)

4. test it (December 3)

5. tweak it and finish it up (December 3)

So yeah that’s basically it. If  you anyone wants to work on it with me, that’d be great. I’m in the Tuesdays and Thursdays Class.