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Awsome website for InkScape – Explains many basic tools!

Hello my fellow Engineering 101 students! After about 2 hours of online research trying to find help for InkScape I found a site that explains in wonderful detail some of the best features on InkScape! With this website you can learn how to cut different sized geometrical shapes in your objects or add shapes to the outsides of your objects! This is wonderful for creating shapes that will connect to each other without any additional cutting! I won’t tell you what I’m making, but I spent about 7 hours on my project just today and this website gave me the most help of anything! Check it out!

Edit:   In order to select multiple objects/shapes in InkScape you can select one and then hold the ‘Shift’ key as you select others. This will allow you to select as many objects as you want which are connected or within one shape and add, or subtract, them from it. This allows you to let the cutting machine make all the connecting pieces for you! All it requires is doing the math!  Good luck!

Edit2: This is what I learned after I asked a question earlier but I figured I should add it to this post. If you want to create a rectangle or square you have to select the 5th button down on the left-hand side of the tools which says “create rectangles and squares” and then you can make any cube/rectangle you want. After making that shape you  should click the arrow at the top of the left hand screen which reads, “select and transform objects”. After you click this button, you can click on any object you have made and an edit menu will become available above the ruler towards the top of the ‘draw’ screen.  Towards the middle of that menu you will see some numbers with arrows next to them. These numbers represent the size of your object and where it is in the screen. X and Y represent where the object is at in the screen (0, 0 will put your object at the very bottom left) and W stands for width and H stands for height of the object. You should change the drop-down menu towards the right of this tool bar to “in” for inches and then you can change the W and H setting for the width and height of your shape. Once you have selected the arrow you can click on any object and change the W or H options for your size. The best way to add or subtract areas from/too your object is too create the new object at any size and place it anywhere in the window. Then select the arrow at the top of the left toolbar and select the object. After this you can use the method I just described (selecting the arrow at the top of the left-hand menu and clicking the object to change it’s width and Height)  You should also place the base object at 0,0 to begin with so that it is much easier to do the math and to figure out where objects go. From there, you can do the required math and then move objects next to your first object or inside of it. If they are on the outside you should select “path” + “union” to combine them and if they are inside the object for holes you should select “path” + “difference” to make that sized hole in your first object.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me! I know this is very complicated and I am very willing to explain it further to anyone.

Help with Foam away gear making


Anyone thats not sure how to make gears that will work together, hears is a post that will help you design your gears.

A few sites i’ve found for the arduion. this one has tutorials on programming the arduion for beginners, and some other stuff for people who have higher levels of programming, like hacking the arduion. this one has kits to buy for the arduion. plus tutorials, and other fun stuff.

If i come across any other sites with good info i will update. hope this helps some of you out and have fun with this project when the time comes.

Another site to check out is:

Update: Thanks Nick

September 16th, 2010 8:29 pm

alot of the examples on the arduino site you listed are also in the download in the examples folder. i found this to be an advantage since it didn’t want to let me copy/paste right from the site and it saved me from transcribing all that code