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This is Hassan Al-tulaihi I am 23 years old , I was born in Arizona and I grow up in Saudi Arabia. I transfer from K-state to WSU, and this is my first semester in WSU my major is computer engineering . I hope we enjoy and learn in this class

David Heitmeyer

Hello, I know this blog is rather late, but better late than never eh? I’m 22 years old and am currently a senior at WSU by hours in Mechanical Engineering. I grew up here in Wichita and spent 2 years going to K-State before transferring to WSU. I enjoy all types of sports but basketball and water sports are my favorites. One of my biggest hobbies is learning about WW2 whether that means reading auto-biographies, reading historical books, or watching the history channel. And as a final note, so that the guy below this post doesn’t feel too alone, I also enjoy playing Runescape  ; – )

Matthew Phillip

Hi, I’m Matt and i’m from Florida.  I play tennis and skateboard but i also love halo 3 and Runescape (go ahead and talk trash about me but thats cool because i enjoy the game).  My favorite sports teams are: The Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Flyers.  I’m studying aeronautical engineering and i hope to work for Boeing, DOD, or Gulfstream one day.

About Myself

   This is Mohammad. I am from Bangladesh. My major is Aerospace
Engineering. I love aeroplanes. I am not really a sports fan but
sometimes I watch soccer. I like to watch movie and sometimes like
to go out for a long drive. I enjoy traveling. Thats pretty much all
about me.

Matthew Reed


My name is Matthew I’m cool with Matt.  I graduated from Shaw High in Columbus,GA  in 08. I am in aerospace major and my hobbies are reading , sports, and music.

Ali Issa

Hello my name is Ali i am 19 years old i like to do random things with my freinds also enjoy watching MMA shows  becasue im into physical fitness as well, I also like to mess with computers a little bit im not a complete nerd but i have alot of information that helps me on a daily basis if i do encounter a problem , I dont really have any pets like most people do but I do have fish which is kinda a pet i guees.

I like to to outdoor sports and work on cars a little bit, for hobbies i go to the gym and lift weights , and play outdoor sports, I also cook for the family sometimes, picked up the hobby bcz i used to get hungry , now i just cook something if no ones home the problem is the mess you clean up afterwords :( but in the end you have a good meal that costs me nothing ! :)

Tavo Matamoros


There is nothing really interesting about me. I’m Mexican American so I’m bilingual and I know what real mexican food taste like. I love to build things all sorts of things from houses to small toys. I’m pretty good at problem solving and can usually come up with more than one solution.

sam watkins

whats up, i’m twenty years old and a sophmore here at wichita state. i couldnt figure out how to put a picture of myself from my facebook to this blog so i put up the shocker. and i’m thinking that i’m going to major in engineering

Hello everyone, My name is Faris I’m from Saudi Arabia. It is my first year in the university. I’m majoring in industrial engineering. I hop all of us well enjoy this semester together.

Cade Hiebsch

Hello all!  Thanks to computer issues, my blog is now complete!  HURAAH!
Hey Howdy Hey Everybody!  I am an average American just trying to make a place in this world.  I love shooting guns, and spending time outdoors.  I’m going into Mechanical Engineering.  And that about sums it up!  So Cool Beans and have a good day!