Seth Simon’s Crocodile Dance Machine


My project was a crocodile dance machine. The purpose was to create an octave and have the ability to play it when a crocodile paddle was pressed. I made this device because I like music and I thought the ability to control the sound with your feet would be cool.


Me-Seth Simon


  • This project is to preform the function of entertaining people while acting as a giant piano. It will entertain because it will be unconventional on how it is played and the sounds that will be produced.
  • Final_Project_Code
  • Crocodile dance machine
  • I built this project out of cut 2 X 4′s, springs, buttons, 5/8 inch drill bit, drill, screws, screwdriver, wires, 8 5/8 inch X 7 inch bolts, nuts, and an arduino.
  • This project required me to cut 16 10 inch 2X4′s and 16 6 inch 2X4′s
  • First I cut my boards
  • Next I drilled 5/8 wholes in pairs of the 6 inch boards. I did this by mesuring 2 inches from the top and 2 from the sides to place the hole at one end of the board to make a lever.
  • Next I drilled length (this would be cutting 4 inches through the 2X4) 8 of the 10 inch 2X4
  • Next i took the remaining 10 inch 2X4′s and connect the paired 6 inch boards on them.
  • The 6 inch boards need to be square to the edges of the 10 inch 2X4′s when screwing them in with screws
  • Once the screws are in place take the 10 inch boards with the long whole drill through them and line up with the wholes of the 6 inch boards
  • Put the 7 inch bolt thought the wholes. Then put the bolt on the end.
  • At this point you have a lever without a spring and button.
  • Next Take the 5/8 drill and drill a whole where both ten inch boards collide. This is were the button will be pressed
  • Now move to the opposite end about an inch. Drill about a 1/4 inch into the wood with a 5/8 inch bit. This is will the spring will be held in place
  • Now the button paddles are done! Now all that left is to wire them!

Circuit Diagram


  • The project was mostly a success. I was proud of how well the buttons worked, but I would of soldered the joints better to the buttons and shortened the length of the 6 inch 2X4′s to maybe 4 inches to flatten out the design. I would also paint the project to make the 2X4′s look nicer. Other then the sizing and design the mechanics of the project couldn’t of worked better. If I was to do this project again I would definitely look more into force meters so I could make a totally flat platform to stand on. Another thing I would change is the use of a partner because the work load was fairly heavy for one person to handle. There was not only the building of 8 switch/steps to make but I also had to code for each one to work. And to expand on this project I would try to use clear materials I could light up with leds in coordination with the buttons being pressed. This would trigger music and a visual show. I would also like to find different sounds and incorporate a melody function to allow for multiple notes to be played simultaneously. Other then the diffuculty of the code the project came together well and formed a nice visual and idea.
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