Chris Oline – Clap Light


For my final project I decided to make a clap light. I’ve always been interested in them so i thought it would be cool to make one myself. I used a microphone sensor, relay, fet, 9 volt battery, arduino, and a lamp. The microphone sensor detects a value over 500 the lamp will turn on and then it will turn off again once the senosor detects another value of 500.



As stated above I made a clap light. In order for the lamp to have enough power for it to turn on I used a relay and a 9 volt battery. The 9 volt battery powered my project. The relay acted as a switch and when the microphone sensor received a value of  over 500 it switched the state of the relay to on or off.  Therefore turning the lamp on or off.

Circuit Diagram

Relay, fet and lamp


Microphone sensor



My project worked really well, especially when John took out one of the capacitors on my microphone sensor. That capacitor was making my light go on and off  constantly, but with that off the sensor only picked my clap real close to the sensor, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. I would expand my project in the future to have the light turn on when you walk into the room and then turn off when you clap.

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