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Intro. team 3!

 Wheel chair people come across many issues in their daily lives, going to a place they like by themselves, like self service and do what they like. As the world become to a high tech to a purpose of making life easier for the human being in general and specialy  for wheel chair users . As a team we got our idea by meeting one person and understand what she likes to do, and she helped us to obtain our idea which is camera tripod specialty for wheel chair users, where they can record a video or take pictures while they on their chair. After that we started to analyze and collect data to be able to Understand how to  buit to control a tripod, how they like to control it then we moved onto our building the control system and establishing the mechanical tripod. In the description part below will be explained each of these stages.




Team 7 Business/Marketing Questions for CPRF

1. Which of the following ways would you prefer to control this device : Voice-control, wheelchair

attachment, or hand-held?

2. Do you ever feel you are in danger or not safe? Explain…

3. Do you ever struggle picking things up from the floor?

4. Are there any features that this product doesn’t have that you feel would be benficial and useful?

5. Do you currently own a product similar to this? If yes, what? If not, why?

6. Is the design of this product compatible with the way you would use it? ease of use?

7. Would this product add enough value to your lifestyle that you would purchase and use it?



1. Does this product seem beneficial? If not, what can we add or do to change that?

2. Are there any products with similar benefits? What price range would those be in? What price range would create high demand from the consumer for this product?