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Code of Conduct: Team 7 – Micro-Robot

Last revised [2/18/2013]

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project Micro-Robot, all members of Team 7 have considered and agree:

    • Roles and definitions 

    • Captain/Project manager: the person responsible of seeing/checking on the project’s progress. 
    •  Reporter: the person responsible of taking notes on each meeting.
    • Agent (face of the team): the person responsible of explaining/communicating with John/Class the project progress, difficulties, concerns….
    • Communicator:the person that publishes the notes that the reporter takes on each meeting. notes on what we have done that week (Progress Report) and what we are planning on doing on the next meeting.
    • Operating Rules:

    • Don’t come more than 15 minutes late.
    • Document what we did and what will be done on each/next meeting.
    • Note taker should take notes every meeting
    • ask questions, raise concerns, discuss the project progress.
    •  Respect each other of course.
    • Assigned individual tasks for that week if necessary.
    • work on the project…
    • Agree on what has to be done on the next meeting.
    • After the meeting, the note-taker gives the notes to the communicator and the communicator post them on the team’s forum.  The communicator of course, should post what has to be done next week (that day or the next day).
    • Meetings

    • Will meet Mondays/Wednesdays at @7:00-? PM,  Tuesdays after class and weekends if needed.
    • Every team member is required to attend every meeting, unless there is a good excuse for absence.
    • Each meeting should accomplished the tasks that the communicator published the previous week. If some tasks that were scheduled to be completed on a meeting, are not completed, a note should be make on the forum, and such tasks should be completed on the next meeting.

Team Members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

  • Captain/Project Manager: Gustavo
  • Reporter: Brandon
  • Communicator: Hector
  • Agent: James
Code of Conduct: Team 6 (3!) – Mechanical camera stand control system for wheelchairs

Last revised 02/18/2013

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project: Mechanical camera stand control system for wheelchairs, all members of Team 6 (3!) have considered and agreed:

Roles and Definitions:

Captain: Responsible for the overall project process, manages the deadlines for the project .

Reporter: Takes notes during meeting period and uploading and editing the needed documents .

Project Manager: Responsible of having all the project equipments and parts and tools ready by the starting time of the project.

Restrainer / Researcher : has the duties of finding and investigating for solutions for any issues or problems might face the project process. and discuss it with the instructor .

Meetings and communications:

  • Team is scheduled to meet Tuesdays and Thursdays every week @6 pm – 2nd floor, Wallace hall lounge.
  • Team members should come to the meeting on time. In case of emergencies he should notify captain or other members.
  • 5-10 min late on meetings is tolerable.
  • Work load will be discussed and assigned in the meeting for each members.
  • Each member should put their effort and spend time on their assigned task.
  • Each member should update/edit the task assigned or the general work/ideas for the project in the forum.

Team 6 members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

Captain: Bill
Reporter: Rupak
Project Manager: Saeed
Restrainer / Researcher : Kusai

Code of Conduct: Team 3: The Blue Team – Smart Cushion

Last revised 2/16/13

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project , all members of Blue Team (Team 3)  have considered and agree:

  • Team Roles
    • Captain: Keeps the team on track during the meetings and motivates everybody to do work.  Gets the team members to put in some input so everybody has a voice.
    • Project Manager:  Knows the more technical portions of the project.  Finds the right parts we will need and informs the group on how things will work and gives them different portions of the project to work on.
    • Reporter: Takes notes on what is said and done at all of the meetings.  Gets information out to all of the team members, keeping everybody informed.  Sets ups the meetings and sends out emails to keep everybody on track.
  • Operating Rules: The priority of the team meetings is to first get all of the work that is due for that week completed.  After all of that paperwork and busywork is complete then the discussion and work on the project itself, attempting to find the best way to implement it and work on the prototypes.
  • Meetings: We will have 1 set meeting per week.  This meeting will be held on Saturday at 11AM.  The place of the meeting is unimportant but as of now it is set at The Donut Whole (a good centralized location for everybody).  If the work for the week seems like it will take longer than usual we may also meet on Sunday morning as needed.  And the other available days are Monday morning at 9:30-10:30AM and Friday at 9:30-10:30AM.  In the meeting the work teamwork is completed and if it seems like all that is left is the busy work for the prototype/main project then mini-projects will be assigned to each member to be completed as soon as as possible.
  • Every member is responsible for the team’s progress and success
    • Attend all team meetings if there are no schedule conflicts.
    • If there are schedule conflicts let the team know what and when it is so that an alternative for the meeting can be found.
    • Come Prepared-Come up with ideas as to what is needed for the meeting beforehand.
    • If you are assigned a project, complete it in a timely manner and disclose your work to team members for comments.
    • All members are allowed a voice and all ideas are considered.
    • Try to keep on task at the meeting.  Each subject will be touched upon at their respective times.
    • If you do not understand any part of a subject discussed at a meeting, ask questions! All members need to be up to speed as to how everything is working and how the project is being done.

Team Members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

  • Captain: Brian Coffman
  • Reporter: Travis Whitty
  • Project Manager: Jared Hess
Code of Conduct: Team 5 – Shelf Assist

Last revised 18 February 2013

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project Shelf Assist, all members of Team 5 have considered and agree upon:

  • Operating Guidelines
    • Document Everything
    • We will schedule at least 2 meeting times per week
      1. Tuesday @ 6:00pm and after class meeting time as needed
      2. One other time to be scheduled at Tuesday meeting
      3. Other meeting times scheduled as needed
      4. If any member is unable to attend, notify team ASAP
        1. All team members contact information is posted in the forum
      5. Everyone is expected to be present within 15 minutes of the scheduled time
      6. Designated project manager will be in charge of meeting agenda
      7. Meetings are to:
        1. Update group on each members individual progress
        2. Present ideas, ask questions, raise concerns
        3. Ensuring that the project as a whole works and determine if and how any individual projects need to be modified/updated.
        4. Performing functional tests as project progresses
        5. Assignment of any new tasks
      8. Designated recorder will keep notes
    • Website forum should be checked daily and will be used for the following:
      1. Preferred means of disseminating project information between meetings
      2. Posting meeting times 
      3. List each members other means of contact
      4. Designated recorder will post meeting notes
    • All team members will have equal responsibility to fulfill their share of the project on time so as to keep inline with the project schedule and ensure success for the team.
    • Individual assignments will be made based on each members strengths and knowledge
    • Do not hesitate to ask for help if you’re stuck but be sure to thoroughly research the issue on your own first
    • Keep business majors up to date as needed
    • Remember, there is no such thing as too much documentation

Team Members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

  • Captain: Jeff
    • Responsible for monitoring the big picture goals and deadlines
    • Primary point of contact for team
  • Reporter: Andrew
    • Responsible for recording meeting highlights and posting them to the forum
    • Post project reports
  • Project Manager: Shanto
    • Responsible for monitoring week-to-week deadlines and goals
  • Special Ops: Ibrahim
    • Responsible for any weekly projects/tasks outside of normal operations
Code of Conduct: Team 2 – Universal Wheelchair System

Last revised [2/17/13]

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project Universal Wheelchair System, all members of Team 2 have considered and agree:

Team Roles

  • Captain:  Imran
    • Makes sure all team members know and follow the code of conducts
    • Tracks deadlines and attempts to keep the group moving at the proper pace
  • Project Manager: Ali
    • Assigns tasks to group members to advance project development
    • Oversees technical aspects of project
  • Communicator: Kishor
    • Responsible for contacting all team members to make sure they are completing assigned tasks, and aware of team meetings
    • Also responsible for being the liason to the business group
  • Scribe: Cody
    • Takes notes on ideas so they can be developed later
Meeting times and Operating Rules
  • Meeting Times
    • Wednesdays: 7:00-9:00 (optional depending on project progress)
  • Operating Rules
    • Sundays: 2:00-until necessary
    • Group members must be at meeting within 5 minutes of agreed upon time and must attend every meeting
    • First, each member will discuss the results of their assigned tasks
    • Next, group will work on project development
    • Notes will be taken by scribe, and given to communicator to email to all group members
    • Each member must come prepared to each meeting, having completed their weekly tasks
    • Each member must be respectful of one another
Code of Conduct: Deliberate Gecko – Project RPTC
  1. Last Revised – 12 February 2013
  2. Code of Conduct — While working on Project RPTC, all Team One members have considered and agree:
    1. We will conduct meetings outside of class twice a week when able
    2. Members will be in attendance within 10 minutes of scheduled meeting times
    3. Members are expected to put in 2-3 hours individually every week
    4. Meeting expectations
      1. Review of action items
      2. Updates of individual activities
      3. Decision of future meeting times
      4. Review project schedule
      5. Collaborate on component designs
      6. Perform physical development
      7. Plan upcoming action items and individual activities
    5. All members will adhere to the non-disclosure policies established by the team’s client and his/her company
  3. Team Members (Roles and Definitions)
    1. Miles Ramage – Captain
      1. The captain will be the primary voice of the team to outside persons and be the primary recipient of Tom’s wrath and criticism
    2. Michael Nguyen – Recorder
      1. The recorder will keep all meeting minutes and record relevant informatio from meetings to the course website and incur the team captain’s wrath
    3. Michael Mihalek – Project Manager
      1. The project manager will evenly distribute group tasks, finalize project scheduling, perform drafting as needed, and will incur the the team recorder’s wrath
Code of Conduct: [Team 4] – [Easy Opener/Closer]

Last revised [2/12/13]

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project Easy Opener/Closer all members of Team 4 have considered and agree:

  • Everyone will contribute equally
  • Attend all meetings unless giving notice of absence a day in advance
  • Complete given assignement by group on time
  • Keep proper documentation of all work
  • Don’t be more than 15 minutes late to meeting
  • Roles in team:
    • Leader: Delegates positions within team
    • Reporter: Takes notes during meeting and docuents work
    • Researcher: Find solutions online and how to best implement are design
    • Marketing/fabrication: Market ideas and fabricate needed parts
    • Number of Meetings: Twice a week Tuesday evenings 7-8:30 and Thursday afternoon 4-5:30
    • Meeting Goals: Catch people up on progress, brainstorming, and assigning tasks for next meeting.

Team Members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

  • Leader: Nick
  • Reporter:  Zubair
  • Researcher: Michael
  • Marketing: Alex
  • Fabrication: Caleb