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Blue Team – Progress Report III for Prototype II: Smart Cushion

Goals for the week:

Try to get our cushion up and running with the pumps and come up with how we are going to display it at EOH.

Meeting times/dates

Saturday 12pm at the workshop in Wallace.

Individual Hours:

Travis: ~2 hours getting information together to make the board for EOH.

Jared: ~2 hours getting the code fixed so that it can utilize 4 pumps and turn them on or off.

Brian: ~2 hours getting everything put together on the cushion so that all we have to do next week is get our remaining parts in and get them attached.

What we did:

This week we did more individual work.  At our meeting we talked about what needed to be done and gave everybody individual tasks to complete for the week.

What we didn’t do:

The board is not complete yet, I have simply gathered information for it to put onto the board.

Where we are stuck:

At the moment everything seems to be going well and as long as our solenoid valves come in on time then we aren’t in any state of emergency.