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Info Found In Concept Test 1

  • Some residents had trouble efficiently using the touch pad.
  • The residents had a great idea – attaching the touch pad to the chair itself (close to the joystick) instead of on a bracket hooked on the chair.
  • The residents differed on the preferred size of the icons. Some preferred very large icons and others liked the standard sized icons. We did not anticipate this would be the case.
  • Due to stability issues while in motion, some residents explained that the product would only be useful while stationary.
  • The residents all came to the consensus that the pad must be retractable. It cannot always stay in the same spot in front of their view.
  • The residents loved the retractable table. They all saw great value in it.
  • The residents want entertainment built into the pad. Suggestions included things such as television accessibility and the ability to put on light shows. This gave us good feedback because we did not really think of fun add-ons originally. Our main focus was just necessity.
  • The ability of the pad to control a robotic arm was an outstanding idea to the residents. They felt that technology would be a game changer for our product.
  • The residents said the main thing they would use the retractable table for would be eating and drinking.
  • We determined that people with lower spinal cord injuries would probably find the most value in this product.
  • Some of the residents had handle bars on their chair to keep them from falling forward. This is somewhat worrisome because our product could interfere with their ability to properly use the handle bars.
  • The residents who were not in wheelchairs thought the product was a great idea, but they could not really articulate why.
  • We learned that almost all the residents had a very small amount of spending money.
  • Our product could probably not be afforded by individual residents. It would have to be purchased by the facility.
  • The residents thought the speedometer on the screen would be really cool to have, even though their chairs do not go very fast.
  • The residents who already had touch screen phones seemed very comfortable with the product.
  • All of the residents had trouble touching the administrative buttons in the corners of the screen. In order for this to be fully effective those keys would have to modified or removed.