Deliberate Gecko – Progress Report I for Prototype II: RPTC

Goals for the week:

Find/determine stepper motor winding order to operate stepper motor for y-axis movement.

Program basic code for timing sequence from arduino.

Meeting times/dates


Individual Hours:

All, 5 for the week

What we did:

Solved the 5-phase stepper motor winding sequence by touching wires to each one to find the order in which to use the phases of the stepper motor to run it in either direction.

Ate and drank.

Programmed arduino to run stepper motor, using 1 phase at a time.

Burned an arduino?

Programmed arduino to run stepper motor, using 2 phases at a time.

Programmed arduino to run stepper motor, using 3 phases at a time.

What we didn’t do:

Give the project a cool name, like Project Ghost or something.

Where we are stuck:

Connect USB joystick to arduino for user control input? or use computer?



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[...] reluctance stepper motor, we had to manually determine the sequence of the phases, as displayed here. We should have gotten better motors that are easier to [...]

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