Eh Team – Progress Report II for Prototype I: Wheelchair API

Goals for the week:

by March 12 we will have as the Prototype I a simple App on our tablet which will open and close retractable table

 To do this this week we will:
  • decide on a low-level communication between arduino and android:
  • set up github
    • make public and give links in this report
  • start googledoc of API
  • get the arduino
  • talk to Rami and Sushila and study the retractable table report. Get the table working again as is.

Meeting times/dates

Sunday 2:00-4:30

Individual Hours:

Ali:  2 Hours

Imran: 1.5 Hours

Kishor: 1 Hour

Cody: 1 Hour

What we did:

We set up a repository in github, which can be found at: and another at  Also, we created a Google Doc at: .  After studying the different possibilities for low level communications, we decided to start by trying to use the USB connection, found at the link above, entitled “Another Possibility?”  We also each checked out an Arduino Uno, and began playing around with them in an attempt to better understand how to use them.

What we didn’t do:

Where we are stuck:


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