Welcome to Wichita State University’s EECS Senior Design Spring 2013/Fall 2013 class blog. EECS Senior Design is a two-hour two-semester course specifically designed for College of Engineering seniors in their last year at Wichita State University. In the course, students in interdisciplinary teams of 3 or 4 students create a product or improve an existing product.

All class assignments will go on this class blog. The blog includes a forum for less formal chatter.

For Second semester, students have divided into teams for their final projects. Each team maintains its own blog. During the semester, the blogs help to facilitate communication and collaboration. At the end of the semester, the blog will be the team’s final report:

Team Members Description 
Universal Wheelchair API Ali Bouhouch, Cody Hastings, Imran Malik, Kishor Puri Give future design groups a universal api by which to interface controls and monitoring devices with wheelchairs.
Mechanical Camera Control for Wheelchair

Saeed Alsaleeb, William Drescher, Ahmad Kusay Kharmandh, Rupak Poudel

A mechanical control system for wheelchair-bound users people who have trouble using their hands.
Robotic Plot Table Camera Michael Mihalek, Miles Ramage, Michael Nguyen A completely robotic plot table camera system designed to eliminate back strain, eye fatigue and wheelchair inaccessibility from a specific job at BTCO.
Micro Cyber Watch Dog Gustavo Peralta, Hector Peralta, James Phaophongsavath, Brandon Wirgau A wireless micro robot, that will aid law enforcement, private organizations or other public safety organizations by accessing unknown locations or enclosed areas where there are unknown dangers.
Easy Jar Opener/Closer  Nicholas Garcia, Caleb Hageman, Zubair Imtiaz, Michael Rogers Intended to assist people with limited hand mobility, the Easy Jar Opener/Closer will allow users to open and close jars with a flip of a switch
Smart Cushion Brian Coffman, Jared Hess, Travis Whitty To combat the difficulty many wheelchair users have in staving off pressure sores resulting from long periods of sustained sitting, the Smart Cushion will consist of air cell quadrants that will respond to variations in the user’s positioning by equalizing pressure across contact areas.
Shelf Assist Jeffrey McDonald, Shanto Rahman, Andrew Rankin, Ibrahim Al Mustaneer. Automatically lower items in cabinets and shelves to a reachable distance for wheelchair occupants.

Take a look around, then let us know what you think!

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