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Code of Conduct Assignment

As a team working on Prototype I or II, write a Code of Conduct.

  • due midnight before February 17

Gory details

Code of Conduct: Team Julio – SAFE

Last revised [February 16, 2012]


A·         All members of the SAFE Team agree to:·  

  • General goals: The team will use their knowledge and skills for the advancement of the team’s goals, agreeing to:
    • Learn from each other and team experiences;
    • Manufacture a product with a positive impact on the user;
    • Work effectively and efficiently as a team.
    • Do the individual research assigned.
    • Be on time to the meetings, and to bring the individual assigned work on time.
    • Assign different roles according to the areas of the members’ strength
  • Collaboration: With the interest of maintaining a strong and collaborative environment, all SAFE team members will:
    • Keep and promote positive working attitudes;
    • Equally work and put our best efforts in working in this project, and complete it.
    • Provide effort and work of the highest quality in an efficient manner;
    • Respect all deadlines, both for the course and within the team;
    • Divulge to the team, and explain, their availability (or lack of) for tasks;
    • Feel comfortable adjusting their workload to accommodate other commitments when needed;
  • Interaction: The Team will interact and communicate as follows:
    • Meeting twice a week, on Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm at the Ablah Library. Reserving a room for the meeting times.
    • Having an online meeting through SKYPE from 9:30pm-10:00pm on Mondays.
    • Keeping fluent and expedite communication through e-mail.
    • Setting a Facebook Team-page that is an efficient interface to post comments, ideas, and updates from the Team members.
  • Communication: In the interest of maintaining open and effective communication, all team members will:
    • Give only honest, thoughtful, and constructive critiques;
    • Accept and respond to feedback objectively;
    • Acknowledge, and listen to, all other team members’ comments;
    • Keep the team updated on their progress regularly to allow for effective and timely allocation of team resources;
    • Communicate regularly with potential users to evaluate and test the product;
    • Appreciate and encourage honest communication at all times.
  • Decisions: In the interest of making rational and effective decisions, all decisions will:
    • Be made only when all team members are present, or permission and input have been received from absent members;
    • Be based on truthful information, research, and discussion, without regards to personal preferences or motivations;
    • Be made by a clear and rational method that is acceptable to all members;
    • Be made by a vote only when other methods have been exhausted;
    • Be accepted by all team members; and
    • Be upheld by all team members to the best of their abilities.
  • Deadlines: Team members will be courteous and helpful and act in good faith when interacting with each other.
    • Team members will adhere to deadlines strictly.
    • In the case that a team member is having difficulty meeting a deadline, the team will be notified of the delay or request for extra help as soon as the team member is aware of the difficulty.
    • Meetings will be scheduled no less than 24 hours in advance at times appropriate for all attendees.
    • Team members will arrive at meetings on time and prepared.
    • Notes from each meeting will detail important information, tasks, and decisions and published consistently to the Facebook team page.
    • Team members unable to attend a meeting will read the posted notes and direct any questions or concerns to teammates in a timely manner.
    • Team members will delegate work evenly in the way that is most beneficial to the entire team (highest quality results in the shortest time).
    • A member that can’t attend a meeting, has to provide a 24hr. early notification (or as best as possible) by email to the Team, and he has to send the assignment due on the meeting date.
    • If a member falls below the expectations agreed by the Team and the code of conduct, it will be call to order by the other 3 members. If this preliminary warning does not correct the fault, we will bring the issue to the attention of Prof. Harrison.
  • Organization: In the interest of organize, assign, and accomplish the many and diverse tasks of the team, the assigned roles are:
    • Captain: Julio
    • Reporter and Treasurer: Ryan
    • Skeptic: Ahmed
    • Project Manager: Gahssan.■
Code of Conduct: “MAR” – “Wireless GPS tracker”


Code of Conduct:

The ultimate goal of our team “MAR” is to serve the community with respect and care. While working on Project “Wireless GPS tracker”, all members of “MAR” have considered and agree :

 Operating rules:

  • Group members meet twice a week (Friday 4pm – 7pm and Sunday 4pm – 7pm) to work on the project.
  • Each member of the team is equally responsible for the project flow and its successfulness, and also to the final outcome.
  • All team members must discuss and agree with each step of the project before working on it.
  •  Communication is the key. Decisions about needed equipment, problem solving, cost and everything related to the project will be made by all team members agreeing together.
  • Attendance to team meetings is essential.  
  • Progress of the project will be discussed and documented in each week.

Roles and definitions:

  • Captain – Responsible for the overall progress, deadlines of each step and time management.
  • Project manager – Responsible for making sure all needed equipments and resources are available at right time. Also responsible for partitioning the entire project to small portions and making sure assembling them all together gives the expected outcome.
  • Reporter – Responsible for making the bridge between the professor and the team members. Also responsible for taking notes, uploading needed documentary and developing required documentation for the project. 
  • Cynic – Responsible for patent search


  • All ideas are equally respected.
  • Members will not be isolated with their potion of the project. Instead, everybody will help each other as needed to get the work done.
  • Meeting times will be flexible as needed in order to get the maximum participation.
  • Everybody has an equal right to agree or disagree and in case of a disagreement it should be politely discussed with all team members together.

  Team members

  • Captain- Abdullah Alrowaili
  • Project manager – Mihingu Wahappulige
  • Cynic – Mihingu Wahappulige
  • Reporter – Rebecca Hettikankanange.


Code of Conduct: [Electric Chair] – [Safety Lights and Battery Life Display]

Last revised [Feb 16,2012]

Code of Conduct:


  • Team Members, Roles and Definition:

Darko Komadina – Project journalist and programming

Nathaniel Farney – Leader, research and development

Emmanuel Massawe – Project Manager and circuitry

Hengky Vermilion Tjie –Testing and programming

  • Operating Rules

Meetings on R 7-9PM and F 2-4 PM

Create and follow a list of tasks that needs to be done in the project.

At least one laptop will be available at the meeting for taking notes that will be sent via email to each team member.

No skipping meetings, each member has to help equally in developing this project.

  • Meetings

There will be two meetings every week. If necessary, additional meetings will be scheduled.

Team will meet up for around 4 hours per week, but each team member will have to put in some time for research on their own.

We will communicate and exchange documents via email and cell phones.

  • Behavior

We work as a team, we will assist each other in completing the tasks.

No slacking around during meetings.

Code of Conduct: Team Green Wu – Bicycle-powered Generator

Last revised 02/16/2012

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project Bicycle-powered Generator, all members of Team Green Wu have considered and agree:

    • Roles and definitions 
    • Eric: Programming
    • Adrian: Finances, material management, research
    • Alex: Circuitry
    • Stephen: Circuitry
    • Operating Rules
    • Meetings should be productive and task-oriented. Team members should be respectful towards other team members in sharing and discussing ideas
    • Number of Meetings/ Meet 2 days a week for up to 3 hours or as needed. It is going to be up to the group on when and where to meet. In each meeting, the team should set weekly goals and reflect on goals made in the previous week. These goals should be 
    • Every team member shares equal responsibility for the success of the team
    • Be punctual to team meetings
    • Come prepared to meetings with ideas to present
    • Listen to the thoughts and ideas of others
    • Constructively criticize the ideas of others
    • Everyone in the group needs to actively participate
    • If something is unclear, please ask questions

Team Members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

This section will be open for revision.

  • Captain: Eric
  • Reporter: Alex
  • Project Manager: Adrian
  • Skeptic: Stephen
Code of Conduct: Team X – Wheel Chair Curb Detector

Last revised Feb 19th, 2012

Code of Conduct:

While working on Project Wheel Chair Curb Detector, all members of Team X have considered and agree:


    • Roles and definitions that each person on the team fulfills:
      Samuel Ky: Programming and journalist
      Bana: Programming/research
      Nhat: Fabrication/design
    • Operating Rules:
      Meeting are conducted on every Thursday 1:00PM and Sunday at 4:00PM, Nhat Nguyen will be in charge of keeping track of the project by updating progress of the project via email.
    • Number of Meetings
      Spend about 3-4 hours/wk as a team. Research will take 1 hour on individual
      Set a goal needs to be accomplished for next meeting for each team member
      Task is clearly assigned to each team member needed to be done before meeting
      If any issues arises (personal/project), team member need to address it with the team
      Respect each team member

Team Members:

Each of us as individuals in the team, have put our name and title below, showing that we have carefully reviewed and agree to the Code of Conduct as it stands in this document:

  • Reporter: Nhat Nguyen
  • Project Manager: Samuel Ky
  • Skeptic: Bana
  • Researcher: Bana
  • Treasurer/Accounting: Sam
Code of Conduct: Team Glen – Smart Mail Box
  • Meeting shall be held twice a week: Friday 11:45 AM to 2:15 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM to 12 PM.
  •  Since we ll be meeting only two days in the week, communication shall be key to our success.
  •  We shall be using Google Groups to communicate when we have a computer or a laptop nearby and “Whatsapp” to communicate through mobile and smartphone. This way, we will be in touch all the time.
  •  If necessary, we’ll come up with a 3rd meeting day.
  •  During our meeting we will make sure that we are all on the same page and everyone is keeping up with the deadlines.
  •  Sunday meetings shall be flexible as long as the newly proposed time works with everyone.
Team Participation:
  • Actively involved and sharing ideas.
  • Team participation shall be based on the part of the project everyone is working on. However, if someone feels overwhelmed he has to inform the captain so that help can be provided to him.
  • Attend meeting on time is required. In case someone shall miss meeting, the captain is to be notified within an hour before the meeting starts.
  •  In the event a meeting is be cancelled, each member should be notified at least one hour ahead of time.
  • As mentioned in the meeting session google groups shall be used to share information. It is therefore the responsibility of each member to check his email for updates.
  • Information shall be shared in timely manner to avoid last minute issue.
  • Each team member shares equal voice in the project design.
  • Each team member shall show courtesy and respect toward others in the group.
Team Members:
Captain: Murtada Al Adaab
Project manger: Dhreen Tulsiani
Reporter: Tetteh Hyde
Cynic:  Glen Patterson
This is a living document and is subject to changes if the need arise.
Code of Conduct- Team S.R.P.R

Our project is to help disable people live a better life. This is our final goal.

Operating rules:

  • Group would meet twice a week ( Saturday at 1 pm and Wednesday at 10 am)
  •  Device a group solution to any specific problem relating to our project
  •   Each member of the group engaging in research before each meeting
  • Review previous meeting
  • Each team member must be involved in group discussions

Roles and definitions:

  • Captain – Responsible for making sure everyone is involved in the group project
  • Project manager – Responsible for getting the right equipment’s and making sure deadlines are met 
  • Cynic – Responsible for patent search
  • Reporter – Responsible for relaying issues with the professor 


  • Each member must respect everyone’s ideas in the group
  • members must be engaged in every discussions
  • No distractions would be tolerated
  • Members must be on time
  • provide and except constructive criticism 
  Team members
  • Captain- Sushia Tamang
  • Project manager – Richard Bazuaye
  • Cynic – Rami Alwazani
  • Reporter – Peng Wang

Everyone should try having  fun  and be  easy going in every meeting