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[Team julio] – Prototype I: [SAFE]


Description of Idea:


  • To send an early notification notification message about the drug expiration date and prescription refills. 
  • What are 5 measurable things your product should be able to do?

                  - Send a sound alarm accompanied with a message diplayed on LED Board or LCD indicating that specific

                   medcine is about to expire or that BB medcine  needs to be refilled two week ahead of its actual expire date.



  • Anticipated cost: Around $195,however, this an initial estimation .
  • We are working on making our product not be bulky or of heavy weight to make accessible and user friendly , we want to make it easy to use, so it can meet its goal as a life saver.
  • So far we dont see any issues of power limitaions as we only gonna need to power Small LED display board.
  • so far there are no safety concerns .
  • Our product is anticipated to have a very small error margins as its function is life saving.


Market Consideration:

This product can be of great benifit to almost any person on life long medications. we are working on finding a consumer other than CPRF clients.

Description of Prototype:

 Our intitial idea is :                                 

1.input device hand held scanner                                 

2.arduino board with usb port                                 

3. Storage device                                 

4. Ouput device could be an LCD or LED display monitor                            

How it could work :  A   client scan his prescription slip bar code, information proccessed by arduino and then be stored in the storage device( hard disk connected via usb to the arduino board.  C program codes needs to be created, to manage the saved information ( well i should say data in this case ) , Coding will be based  COUNTERs and which will count off number of days since you scanned your Prescription and display a message i.e” You will be out of your BB medication in 10 days”                                       



int main();      i: 30 ;      


count: i+1;     

if (i,i+1; 20)     

printf(” Your Rx is running out in 10 days”);



now this is not the kind of coding that  will handle our work, however, this is a basic C program instructions  that i  can barely retrieve (its been along long time since i took this class), i am not saying i can write this program by my self,but , my group mate and i are working hard on this .  This supposed CODES are to be burned into the Microcontroller , in our case its Arduino which seems  to be way sophsticated to my baby steps, i mean the burning of codes as i remember, was performed   on Basic types of 8051 microprocessors. having said that, doesnt mean that arduino is a big challenge , however , we need some little time to get familiar wit it.



date process and goals comments
Feb 24
  • all components are in. Start initial playing with components, figuring out how they work.
  • continue experimental programming learning to use Arduino microcontroller
  • complete interviews with target consumers/consumer groups
Mar 2

      initial arduino programe complete


Mar 9
  • hardware and software working together, although perhaps not robust yet
Mar 16
  • prototype completed, working, report submitted

Materials Needed:


qty item with link unit cost comments
1 LCD display or LED diplay board   non
1 arduino uno 30 any Arduino OK, including older Arduinos
1 External hard drive varies non
1 Resistor assortment 7.21 we don’t need this many resistors, but we don’t know what we need yet. Isn’t there a pile of ‘em somewhere we can experiment with?
Ramp for disables to get in to the vehicle

We can only see the difficulties which the disable people go through. We cannot feel nor imagine the hardships that they have to face every day. Most of the disable people we see everyday are on their wheel chairs. A lot of products aiding them have been introduced and manufactured every day. People on wheel chairs are not all the disable people. There are another group of disable people who have to move on a bed with wheels.
One of the luxuries which a person on a wheel chair has is that he/she can get in and out of a vehicle without the aid of another person. This was possible thanks to specially designed vehicles. This girl whom we met does not have that luxury. Vehicles nowadays does not have the ability to pull in or push in a bed on wheels to a vehicle.
One of the solutions to this problem is altering a van so that a ramp would be ejected from the back of the vehicle so that the person on the bed could be pulled in. And after pulling the person in the ramp could automatically fold itself so that the back door could be closed. We can design the vehicle in such a way that the whole process would be automated. This would be a wonderful gift for her.

CPRF Friday Meeting – Sensors

This is from the meeting we had on Friday.

Wheelchairs could have sensors on them. This would notify the disabled people if the surface ahead is level or not. If the surface is not flat, a notification could be sent to the disabled person on the wheelchair. Same would apply to the disabled people while backing up their wheelchair. If there is a wall while backing up their wheelchair, the sensor could send out a notification to the disabled person in order to avoid any collision.

Glen Patterson – Smart Mailbox System (SMS)

I like the idea of having a smart mailbox that alerts you when you have mail.  With all the mailbox robberies in Wichita that we hear on news it makes sense to have a senior design project to address this issue.  This will not only help CPRF but the whole community as well. 

Reasons to have mail notification:

  • Mail robbery and Identity thief issues on the rise
  • Address current event problems in our community
  • West Wichita especially having problems with mailbox robbery
  • When expecting a package from USPS and want to know the moment mail arrives
  • Check mail in mailbox only to find out you don’t have any mail
  • CPRF requested this be addressed (chore to check their mail:  weather, health, mobility issues)

Reasons for keyless entry Mailbox as an option:

  • Protect from mail from robbery and identity thief
  • Great option when you are not home to receive mail (Work, out of town, etc)
  • CPRF requested this be addressed (opening the box with key is cumbersome)

Here is what I propose to address these issues:

I think we should make a mailbox that has a set of infrared LED transmitters along the bottom of the mailbox and a set of infrared LED receivers along the top of the mailbox.  When mail is received from postmaster the mail you receive would interfere with the infrared system triggering mail notification.  With mail notification sensor system triggered, mailbox would transmit via wifi to wifi receiver alerting you that mail has been received.  The big question to this project is how you should be alerted.  Things to consider on how to be alerted:

  • Keep it simple, low cost option:  Direct/dedicated wifi receiver that plug into wall outlet and alerts with tone for 5-20 seconds and blinking lights thereafter until mail is retrieved.  (Best option I think)
  • Wifi to wireless router that can alert you of mail through computer.  Although you would have to have computer on to be alerted.  Not a dedicated device for alerting.
  • Wifi to wireless router that updates webpage on the internet.  Can check status of your mailbox anywhere by going to your mailbox website.  Creating a webpage is the best alternative that will work with any device (including mobile devices and getting around Firewall issues with networks).

I also think we should have keyless entry option available for this universal mailbox.  I believe the USPS mailbox requirements require a slot for incoming mail that is 1.75” high and 10.00” wide but I’m not for sure.

RFID keyless entry to Smart Mailbox notification system (part 2)

I didn’t have time to finish my thought for the keyless entry design of the Smart Mailbox notification system so here is the rest of my post.

I think it would be great to have RFID design for the keyless entry for all the folks at CPRF.  RFID system would help them out as they would no longer need keys to open their mailbox.  All the resident would need to do is get their RFID tag in the field of the RFID reader which would identify the resident and automatically open their mailbox for them.  I think the keychain type tag would work best for most CPRF residence.  The microcontroller for the RFID reader would have to read the presence of the tag to trigger mailbox to open and the absence of the tag to start time delay for automatic relock of mailbox.

EXPANDED “CPRF – Illumination/reflection system for wheelchairs to use at night “

This entry is an expansion on the original project idea above.  I figure the best solution for wheelchair illumination is the use of an LED system.  For two reasons; 1, LED’s draw very little power and could be used on the same power system that runs the wheelchair without a power loss dramatic enough to effect the run time of the wheelchair. 2, LED’s are small enough that we can have a complete lighting system instaled without the set-up looking outrageous, no big lights hanging off of the chair everywhere.  Today’s LED’s are made super bright and and in a variety of true colors which will add to the simplicty and safety of the system.  We will have to research the laws concerning colored lights near the roadway.  It’s assumed that standard orange in the front and red in the back will be used just as on any motor vehicle or bicycle. It was also suggested that a daytime “beacon” be installed because of the low configuration of the wheelchair.  We want to avoid anything too “loud” like a big orange flag, and we want something that is convenient.  The idea was a retractable telescoping post similar to a vehicle antena, but with super bright LED at the top or possibly a subtle flag of some sort.

Project Idea Assignment

Write at least one paragraph for an idea that you believe could benefit a business client, perhaps a CPRF resident, that you would like to build as a team for your senior design project.

Due Midnight before Jan 27.

Gory Details

Cane for blind people

This cane is designed targeting the blind so they could get assistance to their destination. It  tells them if there are any obstacles on their path. There for the cane will be embedded with a sonar sensors,  proximity sensors and a micro controller with an embedded wireless device. The Wireless device will be connect to a smart phone. Then using a  special application designed for smart phones, the blind person will be guided via a voice. For this the help of a GPS and Google Maps will be used. If an obstacle was detect from the sensors, the cane will vibrate or make a sound.

Darko Komadina – Mailbox notification system

I think that a good solution for the mailbox accessibility problem is to build in a laser transmitter and receiver into mailbox. Laser receiver would be on the end of the mailbox and transmitter would be attached to the door. When the door opens the laser beam would not hit the receiver. When that happens a notification, in form of a text message, would be sent from a device connected to the receiver to the mailbox owner. (I am assuming that the postman will open the mailbox only if there is some mail to be delivered for the owner). 
For the residents that have hard time unlocking the mailbox, building in a automatic mailbox door unlock/opener would help. It could be remote controlled similarly to automatic car unlock. 

Rebecca Hettikankanange – Hand paddle bicycle

This was requested by one of the consumers at CPRF. Her wheel chair is somewhat similar to the picture attached to this post. It is longer than a regular wheel chair and is also closer to the ground. She is lying on her front and uses her hands to do everything as her legs are unmovable. One of the major problems she has faced is transportation. Because of this chair takes more space than regular wheel chairs most of the regular transportation services does not have enough space to get her in, and also some people does not like to help because it is more work to move her. So, She is thinking it would be great if she can have a hand paddled bicycle so that she can use it to travel long distance by her own. She would use her hands to paddle the bicycle. She also mentioned that the battery attached to the current wheel chair she is using is enough for a day if she fully charged it, but it depends on how far she can go, and also if she is caught out in the rain this wheelchair stops working as it’s switch stops working. So, a hand peddled bicycle might be a good solution for her transportation issue as it does not use a battery and also as it completely depends on the user. We may build it to be pretty handy by making it a cargo bike so that she can go to the grocery, get her stuff and go home with a happy face. :)

Jookhap Ahmed – glasses mouse for disabled people(lost hands,paralysis)

Replace this text with your paragraph. Make sure your paragraph answers the following questions:

  • What benefit does your product provide to consumers?
  • Is your product believable?
  • Is there a dramatic difference between your product idea and what is currently available in the marketplace?

gory details

This idea came up to me when I visited disabled people in 2010 . I found out how these people need to achieve their goals.  The project consists of  wearing glasses instead of using a mouse connected to the computer either via Bluetooth or cable. This project will be programmed and it will work by using eyes movement .I think my project can be  believable  but it will take time and research. I have researched about my idea and I have not found anything similar to it.