MAR – Prototype II Final Report: Wireless GPS Tracker


The goal of our project was to design and make a wireless emergency module for wheel chair residents in order for them to notify somebody in case of an emergency only by pressing a button. The need of making this kind of a module was en counted by a current CPRF resident as they need a light weight portable energy saving system that they can use to inform somebody only if they need help, and at the same time they should not be monitored 24/7. To accomplish all these requirements we decided to use a Bluetooth SMD module and android phone to make that kind of a system they need. We planned to design a wrist band with a button that once it is pressed the SMD module inside it gets activated and sends a Bluetooth signal to an android phone. Then the android phone recognizes that Bluetooth signal, calculates GPS coordinates of the current wheelchair’s location. Then it send those coordinates as a message to the emergency contact(a phone or computer).


We developed a PC board with a SMD module attached to it in order to send a wireless signal via Bluetooth. We used Bluetooth smd module rn-42 and a circuit developed using Arduino structure in order to make the part which sends a Bluetooth signal when the button is pressed. A special android application is being developed by using java to receive the particular Bluetooth signal sent from the Bluetooth module. Java and android application building is done using Eclipse IDE. The application is capable of checking the current BT adapter information, turning it on and do a device search. Once the switch is activated, the application installed into the android equipment receives the signal via Bluetooth. We are developping and testing different methods to see the best way to design the android application we need. We have designed a wrist watch like cover for the circuitband using Catea and printed it out using 3-D printing. We have added a butten control to the wrist band device in order to turn it on and off as needed. 







Building the circuit board using SMID module, designing the cover and make it using 3-D printer are all needed continuous learning and effort s we are new to all those things. Android application building also completely new to all of us and needed to strudy it from the beginning, every little thing in order to build the application we need.  In prototype one we tried to build a service to the application but we could not trubleshoot it well. As the second try, in this month we tried to switch the content to an application mode and develop it. Application building is a different concept that we learnt about adapter lists and many more functions during this time, and it needs lot more study and research to complete developping our application to the point to send a message. Application building takes so much time that we expected as we are having little knowladge about the subject and need to research and learn on our way. At this point, application building is our biggest concern.

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