Team X – Progress Report III for Prototype II: Wheelchair Curb Detector

Goals for the week:

Integrate the system onto the wheelchair.

Meeting times/dates

Sunday 4:00, Thursday 1:00

Individual Hours:

Sam 4 hours

Nhat 4 hours

Bana 3 hours

What we did:

We hooked up the arduino to the wheelchair. We interfaced the joystick with the arduino to read the voltage of when the joystick is pressed forward (4 volts). The arduino will reset the system when the joystick is in the neutral position(around 2.5 volts). It seems to be working correctly. The arduino is still powered off the RC car’s 9 volts battery. 

What we didn’t do:

We need to get a 9 voltage regulator to run off the 24V battery of the wheelchair. We also still need to purchase some goose necks to attack the IR sensors to the wheelchair.

Where we are stuck:

We are on schedule.


April 25th, 2012 9:45 am

Link to some D/A chips that can hang off of the SPI port.

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