Welcome to Wichita State University’s EE Senior Design Spring 2012/Fall 2012 class blog. EE Senior Design is a two-hour two-semester course specifically designed for College of Engineering seniors in their last year at Wichita State University. In the course, students in interdisciplinary teams of 3 or 4 students create a product or improve an existing product.

All class assignments will go on this class blog. The blog includes a forum for less formal chatter.

For Second semester, students have divided into teams for their final projects. Each team maintains its own blog. During the semester, the blogs help to facilitate communication and collaboration. At the end of the semester, the blog will be the team’s final report.

Team Members Description 
Smart Mailbox   The Smart Mailbox is mainly designed to help people with mobility and or dexterity issues and who find it a chore to use a regular key to check their mailbox everyday.
Bicycle Generator     
Wheelchair Curb Sensor    Design and develop a system that can be integrated into a wheelchair to detect a curb.
Electric Chair    A safety light system that would be used on the wheelchair.
Rectractable Table   A table that is attached to wheelchair which will give people with disabilities more freedom.
GPS Tracker    Design and make a wireless emergency module for wheel chair residents to notify somebody in case of an emergency, only by pressing a button in the wrist wrap.
SAFE    Assist patients by notifying them when a medication needs a refill or is about to expire.
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