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Team Bravo Squad: Progress Report II for Emergi-Text System

Goals for the week:

-This week our goals are focused on program clean up, and finding the right hardware to purchase.

-Tanner has a basic program for our Android app, he would like to clean up the program and make it more efficient.

-We would also like to figure out a way to split up the programing so more of the team can work on it, so it is not the burden of just one member. 

-We will definitely be purchasing some hardware for our project, most likely a cheap smartphone that we can dismantle and a couple pairs of ear buds that have push button microphone capabilities.

Meeting times/dates

-Tuesday 1Pm and Thursday 11 am

Individual Hours:

Danny  – 1 hour

Tanner – 1 to 2 hours

Bryan- 1 hour

What we did:

  • Tanner worked on the program code used in our android application and plans to work on it more this weekend
  • Danny found a circuit diagram for the ear bud, with microphone capabilities, we will be using for our system. We will be using ear buds similar to the Samsung EHS60 ear buds which use a  3.5mm universal wire.
  • Bryan searched for possible smart phones that could be used for this project. Several phone were found on eBay, a decision now needs to be made on which model we would like.

What we didn’t do:

  • We still have not bought the needed hardware for our project, which includes a cheap smartphone that can be dismantled and a couple pairs of ear buds that have push button microphone capabilities.

Where we are stuck:

  • We are still trying to figure out and easy way to distribute the work load of programing.  We would like to have Danny, Tanner, and Ryan all be included in the programming of the android application, our fears are that there may be some conflicting code when three people are programming for one product.


Once the ear buds are purchased we will strip them down form the use of its switch. Instead of having a large switch on the side of the wheel chair we figure this small button used for cell phones would be more practical. This feature also would give us the capability to one day add a speaker system onto the wheelchair, but that will be saved for a much later date if any. We are mainly  on text and on speech.