Team Bravo Squad – Progress Report for Prototype II: Emergi-Text System

Goals for the week: 4/3/12

Bryan’s goals for the week are to get a box built for our Emergi-Text device. He will make a model of the box first and then design the box on the computer and have the laser cutter cut the box to piece together. Once the box is built a button can be installed or made.

Programming goals: For the programming code Danny has been working on the contact list that can be used for our device. Tanner will be doctoring up his section of programming. All the code is now being shared between Tanner, Danny, and Ryan for further collaboration.

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday 1pm to 2pm

Thursday 11am to 12 pm

Individual Hours:

Bryan spent 1 to 2 hours modeling a box out of foam board and then began drawing up the box digitally for the laser cutter

Tanner spent 1 to 2 hours fixing problems with code and creating new features with our system

What we did:

We have begun final stages of our device, so full manufacturing and usability will soon be available. A box with a large easy button is being built and the final strings of code are being written.  

Where we are stuck:

Our app that we are creating will crash every so often, so we have been dealing with that and trying to figure out why the phones program this our app has less priority than other apps. When we use the push button feature the app should automatically come on and send a  message, we are having trouble with this being consistant.


Goals for the week:3/27/13

Our goals for this week were basically the same as last week. We are still working on the code for our program.

Tanner is dedicated to the code that responds to the power output of the wheelchair.

 Danny is dedicated to the code for the contact list for the device. 

Ryan is dedicate to the code for the button control that turns our device on.

Bryan is constructing  a larger button for easier use for the  electrical components to the device.

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday 1:00pm to 2:pm

Thursday 11:00am to 12:00pm

Individual Hours:

Tanner spent several hours 2-3 hour on programming his portion of the code

Bryan spent 1 hour setting up electrical components to the device. The usb port that goes into a power socket similar to a car’s power port was tested.

Ryan spent a couple hours getting examples of how to re-program a media button for a phone. He found several examples that may work.

What we did:

Tanner was able to get the app for the Emergi-Text system to actually function. There still needs to be some minor tweaking, but for the most part we have a working app for the device.

Bryan spent some time designing a box for the device as well as constructing a larger button for the device. The button is not completed but should be finished by next week.

What we didn’t do:

We were not able to have our program run continuously for our device. There may be an error in the code, but the app continues to crash after being turned on. The function on the phone put the media button at a higher priority than the function Tanner programed it for.

Bryan was not able to get a box built to hold all the electrical components to our device. The lab has been full this last week so space for work has been hard to find. The design for our box and button have been design, but need to be built now.


Where we are stuck:

Not stuck so much as waiting for code to be written. Bryan’s work is dependent upon Ryan’s code and in order for Danny’s code to work Ryan’s code must be written.

Bryan needs to solder a couple wires from our power source to the usb port.


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