Team Bravo Squad – Progress Report VI for Prototype II: Emergi-Text

Goals for the week:

Tanner- Continue working on his program for the button being used to turn on the Emergi-Text system, which will be sending a text to a contact of choice

Danny- Begin programming the code for the contact list being used in the Emergi-Text app

Ryan- Begin working on a code to read and display to amount power being used or remaining in the wheelchair.

Bryan- to test the stripped down earbud wires to see which wire and ring on the pin  are being used for the button to turn the microphone on and off

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday 1pm to 2pm

Thursday 11am to 12pm

Individual Hours:

Bryan 1 hour of stripping down wires and testing the I/o of each wire to understand how the ear buds worked.

Tanner 1 hour of programming

Danny 1 hour of programming

Ryan 1 hour of programming

What we did:

Bryan spent time this week carefully taking apart a pair of ear phone with a mic button. The button on the ear phone is the main focus of this process. We will be using the wires to the button and the pin that goes in to the phone port. We stripped it down and found out that the first two ring on the bottom of the pin are used for the left and right audio, the third ring appeared to be the ground which were gold wired and the microphone wire was attached to the top ring or sleeve. We are mainly only needing the red and gold ground wire for this project. The audio wires serve no purpose for the system.

 Tanner order more parts for the project. He ordered several usb jack that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter, and ordered a cigarette lighter port that can be wired directly to the wheelchair power source.

Danny began working with the code for the contact list being used for our system. We will be using our own personal phone numbers until a client is set up for this product.

What we didn’t do:

We have still not purchased a test phone, but this is not top priority since the programming is not even ready for the phone yet

We have not worked on designing a way to test the remaining power in the batteries.

Where we are stuck:

Where we are stuck the most is just trying to figure out tedious coding for our program. The program for this project is definitely the hardest part that needs to be designed. We are not even sure yet if we will be able to even re-write new programs into phone or not to turn on the emergitext system through the push of the ear phone button. The app on the users phone should work fine, it is the phone we will have to used for the button that we have concerns with.


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