Team Bravo Squad- Progress Report V- Emergitext

Goals for the week:

The goals for the Emergi-Text system are primarily set towards programming this week. Tanner, Danny, and Ryan have downloaded git and will be focused on individual projects for the programming. Bryan is focusing on the production of the circuit design.  

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday 1:pm

Due to the weather we mainly communicated through email

Individual Hours:

Tanner 1 Hour

Danny 1 Hour

Ryan 1 Hour

Bryan 1 Hour

What we did:

Danny has began working toward his individual goals toward setting up the program for the contacts list in the Emergi-Text system. Danny made a youtube video for setting up the git account.

Tanner worked on the automated battery monitoring program

Ryan has begun working on the manual functionality of the system, which is basically programming the button functionality which will be turning our device on and off and then sending out emergency text

Bryan setup an initial circuit design which now need to be tested and built on a circuit board.

What we didn’t do:

Due to the weather we were not able to distribute the headphone Tanner purchased to each other. Bryan will be stripping a pair of headphones down to see how to connect the button to the device, and Ryan will be testing the button to see what steps need to be taken to program the button.


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