Team Bravo Squad – Progress Report IV: Emergi-Text

Goals for the week:

Our main focus for this last week was  to  have Git downloaded onto Danny and Ryan’s computers so Tanner could collaborate with them. Once a gitorous account was made then the fine tuning through eclipse could be made to our programming code. Bryan’s goals for the week were to come up with or find a circuit design to step down the 24v from the wheelchair to 5v to the usb cable used for the device we are using.

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday 1pm to 2pm

Individual Hours:

Tanner spent 1hr on programming as well as setting up a tutorial for our group showing steps on how to download Git and eclipse

Danny spent 1hr on creating a gitorous account

Ryan spent 1hr creating a gitorious account

Bryan spent 1hr  searching for circuit designs as well as working with a wiring a bread board for a basic set up of our circuit

What we did:

This week Tanner ordered four sets of headphones which we will be using for the push button function. Bryan checked out a breadboard to begin setting up a circuit that can be used to connect the power from the wheelchair to the Emergi-Text device. Danny and Ryan began setting up their sections of programming. Collaborations between programming is now enabled between Tanner, Danny, and Ryan. Each programmer will now program specific functions of the device.

What we didn’t do:

We have still not been able to buy a smartphone, but that is not really top priority right now. We have not been able to find a way of testing our voltage regulator circuit. We would like to be able to test our circuit without connecting it to someone’s wheelchair.


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