Team 9 – Progress Report I for Prototype II: Remote Piano Pedal

Goals for the week:

Design and build frame to hold motor and pot in place so that gears and cam may be designed.

Get informed input on cam design.

Meeting times/dates

Friday 12:30p, Tuesday 9:00a and 7:00p

Individual Hours:

Tom 6 hours design frame and build a pattern. Find and prepare material for frame.

What we did:

James and Tom met on Friday to speak with cam designer. He was unavailable. Made three sketches and a couple of ‘blueprints’ for the frame design, built one out of cardboard and one out of sheetmetal to serve as a pattern. Found a metal plate that can be formed into a frame.

What we didn’t do:

Plate needs to be sheared, drilled and bent. Cam needs to be designed and built.

Where we are stuck:

We need to get access to the metal shop to have our frame pattern built.


November 6th, 2012 4:37 pm

interesting picture. :-)

Best to upload your pics as files.

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