Group 3 – Progress Report II for Prototype I

Goals for the week:

  • Find out if project is viable (done)
  • Get Arduino working on Windows 8 (done)
  • Play with accelerometer
  • Explore Options for filtering accerometer.
  • Research H-Bridge for motor going 2 directions
  • Pneumatics vs gravity or compressed air.
  • Come up with new ideas

Meeting times/dates

  • Tuesday@6:00pm

Individual Hours:

  • All students put in 1-2 hours on the project.

What we did:

  • Merl : Determined to not be a good option by talking with CPRF residents; Had idea to open and close a window automatically.
  • Todd: Got arduino working on Windows 8; Started researching how to filter accelerometer data:, but no longer necessary; Has new idea to do battery monitor and distance calculator.
  • Saed: Researching new ideas; Had idea to create a wind turbine to charge an extra battery. (Maybe add solar power as well)
  • Mido: Researching new ideas; Had idea for a voice controlled wheelchair.


What we didn’t do:

We were unable to actually work on the project because the project selected is not going to be something they will really want.

Where we are stuck:

Stuck at picking a new idea.  We will be meeting before class tomorrow and hopefully will have something set in stone by our group spot time.


October 2nd, 2012 6:59 pm

I would be excited about the idea of a battery monitor which on the face seems like a simple idea but in reality could be quite complex. A true battery/distance monitor would require monitoring the amperage in and out of the battery and voltage at decent precision. A batteries true capacity changes with rate of discharge, temperature and age. Remember battery life and range is their legs. A dead wheelchair in the middle of the road is a call to 911/ambulance ride.

With an inexpensive microcontroller and more cost effective sensors the project would be affordable to more users. This project would benefit a large population as well as the small group at the Timbers. I’ll post a few url’s from sparkfun to spark an idea. Implemented well this could be a very beneficial professional product. It would be nice to see this product as an open source project at the end of the class.

Happy coding,

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