Welcome to Wichita State University’s EE Senior Design Fall 2012/Spring 2013 class blog. EE Senior Design is a two-hour two-semester course specifically designed for College of Engineering seniors in their last year at Wichita State University. In the course, students in interdisciplinary teams of 3 or 4 students create a product or improve an existing product.

All class assignments will go on this class blog. The blog includes a forum for less formal chatter.

For Second semester, students have divided into teams for their final projects. Each team maintains its own blog. During the semester, the blogs help to facilitate communication and collaboration. At the end of the semester, the blog will be the team’s final report:

Team Members Description 
Bluetooth Smart Switch Erika Nulan, Jerret Ross, Long Wang Extend the freedom of our client, Josh, by creating a smart switch that can intercept the information sent by the switch and delegate how the information is to be used on his wheelchair.
Rescue Lifter

Christopher Eldridge, Kiet Nguyen, Richard Richey, Waleed Shaban

Rescue Lifter can rescue somebody when they have fallen anywhere in their house — with just a press of a button.
Battery Assisted Grabber Justin Hickey, Clayton Skaggs, Charles Swanson, Jeremy Wharton Next-generation electronic grabber.
Campus App Adam Hemphill, Mason McCanless, Zane Sumpter  an interactive smartphone app/website for college campuses.
Motorized Wheelchair Canopy Jenice Duong, Albert Ogenche, Taylor Russell, Shital Shrestha Shade from rain or sun at the press of a button! For wheelchair users.
TrueView Hiep Nguyen, Brady Randall, Eric Robinson, Seth Schoming The infrared sensor of the Xbox Kinect was utilized to detect, and two servos to track the nearest object in the video frame. Mounted on the back of a wheelchair, the camera system is able to send a live video feed and distance information to a monitor mounted on the front of the chair.
EmergiText Bryan Albrecht, Ryan Clark, Tanner Doshier, Danny Nguyen Send an emergency text message with GPD coordinates to a loved one when the battery on your wheelchair goes dead.
Home Automation Framework Jose Crosa Rivarola, Olivia Fletcher, Trey Thomas, Nnennaya Udochu A web application that can remotely control the electronic devices in one’s home using a web interface on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The project facilitates ease of access and remote control of electronic devices for those who are busy, have a disability, or are not physically in the location of the device. 
Battery Range Meter Mohammed Alharbi, Saed Almajdoubah, Merl Don, Todd Skelton A smart and trainable battery monitor for wheelchairs. Know exactly how many more feet your wheelchair can go on the current battery charge.
Hazardous Weather Warning Light Caleb Carey, Debritu Lakew, Edwin Omenta, Jeffrey Stoss This project involves creating and implementing what we refer to as the ‘Hazardous Weather Warning System’ : a colored LED lighting system that indicates the severity of  bad weather conditions to specified perimeters or communities (which in our case is the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation)
Remote Control Piano Pedal Atul Gaikwad, James Mureithi, Tom Tasker Return dynamic control of a piano pedal to someone who has lost the use of their legs. 
Cool Tec Pad Ralph Denning, Hammad Malhi, Joel Schwaiger, Samuel Addo After meeting with the residents at CPRF and discussing some common discomforts they experience on a day to day basis, we came up with the idea to make a temperature controlled relief pad.  The main purpose of the unit is to provide adjustable temperature relief to the user through a pad that circulates temperature controlled water.
Wheelchair Laser Tag James Seymour, Andrew Taylor, Vinosha Theagan Build a game for people in wheelchairs based on the popular game called ‘Laser Tag’. The game uses GPS to track the person and when they ‘fire’ their direction vector is sent to a central server and who ever is in the line of fire, get’s ‘shot’.

Take a look around, then let us know what you think!

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