Welcome to Team X’s Wheelchair Curb Sensor Website

Team X group members: Samuel Ky, Nhat Nguyen, Mahamane Bana


The goal of the wheelchair curb sensor project was to design and develop a system that can be integrated into a wheelchair to detect a curb. The idea for this stemmed from a meeting with CPRF (Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation) resident who had driven off a curb with his wheelchair and received major injuries from it.  We did some research and found a few prototypes for navigation but did not find any commercial products that can detect a curb and safely stop the wheelchair. We decided to take on this problem and develop a product that can alert and stop the user from a potential hazard. 

Our group decided to use IR sensors (infrared) to be our eyes for our system to see a curb. The distance that is read in front of the wheelchair by the IR sensor is sent to the Arduino micro controller to calculate an average distance. The average distance is used as a reference distance which is deemed safe for the wheelchair to proceed forward. The distance in real time (from the IR sensor) is compared with the average distance. If the real time distance becomes greater than the average distance by more than 6 inches (average height of a curb) the Arduino will send a signal to the wheelchair through the joystick to stop. The system will reset and full control of the wheelchair will return to the user once the joystick is returned to its neutral position.



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