True View Camera System

Team Members: Seth Schoming (CE), Eric Robinson (CE), Brady Randall (CE), Hiep Nguyen (EE)
Advisers: John Harrison & Tom McGuire
Abstract:  Wheelchair users have a difficult time trying to navigate their surroundings, and seeing what is behind them is often an impossible task. An obvious solution to this problem is the development of a backup camera that is capable of looking up, down, left, and right for the users as they are backing up. Further, the ability of the camera to intuitively decide where to look in real-time is crucial. In our trial, the infrared sensor of the Xbox Kinect was utilized to detect, and two servos to track the nearest object in the video frame. Mounted on the back of a wheelchair, the camera system is able to send a live video feed and distance information to a monitor mounted on the front of the chair. This solution proves to be a huge step toward improving visibility for those with limited mobility and opens the door to further research in wheelchair mobility and visibility.