The Smart Mailbox project is designed to target a wide range of consumers from people living in remote areas to people with disability.  The Smart Mailbox is mainly designed to help people with mobility and or dexterity issues and who find it a chore to use a regular key to check their mailbox everyday.  Too often, they come back from the trip to the mailbox empty handed and this can be frustrating. This is especially true during inclement weather.  This project our group worked on addresses some of these issues. 
Our Smart Mailbox uses infrared sensors to detect mail and wirelessly transmit a signal to the receiving unit that is located inside the owner’s house.  The mail delivery notification device alerts the owner that mail has just been delivered to their mailbox.
The Smart Mailbox was also designed in such a way that the doors lock/unlock and close/open automatically upon scanning the designated key.  Finally, the mailbox comes with a master key that opens/closes and locks/unlocks all doors at the same time. These doors are called Smart Doors.
     Dhreen Kumar Tulsiani
     Glen Patterson
     Murtada AlAdaab
     Tetteh Hyde
Here is a video of the Smart Mailbox in its working environment:
YouTube Preview Image

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