Rescue Lifter

Team members: Christopher Eldridge, Kiet Nguyen, Richard Richey, Waleed Shaban.

Welcome to team Home Autonomous Rescue Lifter page! Here you will find a thorough overview of how we developed our system, what it does, how to use it, and how to continue the work if you so choose. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions or concerns arise!

We created an automated lifter to help physically challenged and elderly people get up when they have fallen in their homes and are unable to get up on their own. To accomplish this, we combined an existing human movable lifter, that was designed to help people stand up from a sitting position, with some robotic technology to create a lifter we could programmatically navigate to a fallen person. It is activated by a button on a remote control worn by the person who has fallen. It follows a preprogrammed path to the room where the person has fallen and then uses IR beacon transceivers located in the remote and the lifter to move to where the person is located. Once the lifter has reached the fallen person, the person uses the controls on the existing lifter to lift themselves up. Our solution is an improvement over stationary lifters and human movable lifters. Stationary lifters are only useful in a single area. Human movable lifters are useful in more than one location but still need other people to move them. The lifter we created moves to more than one location and does not require other people to move it but does require more initial setup. It requires someone to input the paths to different rooms and it currently does not have a good user interface for this path input process. Even with the initial setup process, we feel we have met our goal of designing an automated lifter to give people more independence and reduce the cost of calling for emergency help from EMS.

Unlike other products, our Rescue Lifter can get to any where in the house with just a press of a button.  There is no installation requirement, and it should be really easy to set up.  It will feature automatic drive mode or a manual mode.  And the seat will be customizable.

This product is reliable, it can handle up to 400 pounds.  With sensors around the lifter, it will never hit any one or run into the wall.  Plus it can be use as a wheel chair.  This product is a combination of a wheel chair and lifter in one, so there is no need to worry for disable to stay at home alone.


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